Will You Get a Tech Job After Skillcrush? See Its Outcomes Here (2023)

More professionals are entering the tech industry, particularly for positions like front end developer, UX (user experience) designer, and graphic designer. If you are one of these aspiring professionals, the good news is you can transition successfully into a tech career even without a related degree or work experience.

One path you can take is to enroll in bootcamps and schools that provide short yet comprehensive courses, like Skillcrush. Such an option is perfect for interested learners willing to do the work to develop new skills but have limited resources.

At Skillcrush, students can turn their careers around in less than a year and have a chance at success. Ten years since its launch, Skillcrush has made a name for itself in the tech world for providing free and paid coding and design specialization courses to non-tech professionals looking to upskill.

What You’ll Learn at Skillcrush

The school was established to introduce underrepresented groups to tech, particularly people marginalized by racism, sexism, and/or ageism. In the words of founder and CEO Adda Birnir, “We need as many smart, hard-working, deep-thinking, experienced, socially conscious people from diverse backgrounds in the tech world as we can get!”

With this in mind, Skillcrush has formulated specialization courses that enable its students to secure high-earning tech jobs. Aspiring tech professionals can enroll in coding programs like Front End Development, Front End Development + React JS, and Python for Web Apps and Data. Moreover, if you are inclined toward the more creative side of tech, Skillcrush offers courses in UX Design and Visual Design.

However, if you are an aspiring tech professional looking for a more extensive learning experience, you can always opt for the Break Into Tech program.

Break Into Tech With a Job Guarantee

Skillcrush offers a Break Into Tech Program that provides two tracks to students: the Front End Developer Track and the Designer Track. From developing fundamental and advanced skills to enhancing your career preparedness and obtaining your first job, you are provided with an end-to-end learning experience in this program.

Expect a personalized journey into tech with weekly live Q&A sessions to help you understand complex concepts while at the same time receiving performance feedback, and attending portfolio reviews. Once you have acquired essential tech skills, Skillcrush provides all the help you need to secure a job in its Get Hired phase of the program.

During the Get Hired Track, you will work on assignments that will allow you to practice what you learned from your career coaches and tutorial videos to prepare you for future interviews. Next, you will go through the Job Search Preparation phase, where you will be taught how to look for job opportunities that match your skills and expectations.

While applying for jobs, you are encouraged to attend weekly check-in sessions to track your job search progress, schedule mock interviews, or ask for further guidance from your career coach on how to deal with job search struggles.

If you are still unsure if it’s worth investing in the program, Skillcrush has a special deal for you. If you cannot get a paying job six months after completing all the program phases, the school will refund your Break Into Tech Program fee in full.

According to Skillcrush’s recent outcomes, over 95% of students from its Get Hired Career Placement program secured jobs within 8 to 10 weeks after graduation.

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Skillcrush Outcomes: Success in Numbers

Will You Get a Tech Job After Skillcrush? See Its Outcomes Here (1)

In its latest outcomes report, Skillcrush boasted a 95 percent job placement rate for participants of their Get Hired career placement program. On average, it took only eight to 10 weeks for them to get hired by reputable employers in various roles like web developer, creative developer, UX designer, and product designer. A true testament to the quality of tech professionals that Skillcrush produces.

Behind these impressive results is a team of instructors and career coaches committed to creating a roadmap to career success and pushing their students to excel.

Meet Skillcrush’s Career Coaches

Bedilia Ramirez, one of Skillcrush’s career coaches, shares, “Many job seekers transitioning to front end development and design jobs always had a creative side but pursued an alternate and ‘stable’ career path. Joining Skillcrush made them realize the joy of coding and the creative design process and that they can also pursue a career offering a flexible work schedule, locations, and projects.”

Another Skillcrush career coach, Tiff Keenan, says that professionals with coding and design skills will always be in constant demand, especially as tech continues to evolve.

The career coaches stress that while tech professionals need to excel in the technical aspects of their roles, business leaders and managers are also keen on hiring collaborative candidates who can communicate their ideas to tech and non-tech members.

“Adaptability and relationship building are core skills that you need to have a successful job search. Employers gravitate toward candidates who can confidently share why and how they pivoted to tech. They are looking for talent who can skillfully share their problem-solving style—especially when asked technical questions—and have the enthusiasm that makes potential employers look forward to talking with them,” adds Tiff.

These skills are honed in the different stages during the Break Into Tech program. Skillcrush also instills a sense of community where students and instructors can interact on Slack and other communication channels to share ideas, discuss challenges, and form friendships with fellow cohort mates.

Such initiatives increase trust and encourage students to be open with their struggles so the team can address them immediately. By the end of the course, graduates are more than ready to immerse themselves in the real world, work within teams, and provide innovative coding and design solutions.

As a career coach, Bedilia is proud to be part of a team that’s on a mission to change lives. She shares, “When I came onboard, I had a Skillcrush student who worked full-time while taking care of a toddler at home. She was able to align her experience in higher education and recently landed a junior developer role at an advertising agency under two senior developers, boosting her salary earnings by 150 percent!”

Alumni Review: Is Skillcrush Worth It?

Will You Get a Tech Job After Skillcrush? See Its Outcomes Here (2)

Jumping from retail positions to administrative jobs in schools, Skillcrush alum Ellie Solorio was worried that she didn’t have any transferable skills that she could bring into tech. But upon learning about Skillcrush, her worries were quashed.

“I chose to learn with Skillcrush because of the supportive community,” says Ellie. “It was very upbeat, instead of being intimidating. I know it’s difficult to find that around the web sometimes, and that’s the kind of place you want to be, a place where you know tech is for everyone.

Ellie took up several front end development courses and was eventually hired as a full-time web content designer. She shares, “Never in my wildest dreams would I think that I would be able to present myself as somebody ready to be hired for a tech job, especially in the middle of a global pandemic.” Her newfound career has now made it possible for her to support her family’s needs and build a better future.

Make the Shift Into Tech with Skillcrush

Despite the ever-changing economy, the tech sector remains one of the most coveted industries in the market. It is ripe with opportunities waiting for the right candidates to take them. With Skillcrush’s track record in providing excellent education, it’s not impossible to land a fulfilling tech job.

Meet with a Skillcrush enrollment counselor today to get started on your exciting journey of breaking into tech.

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