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Cherin of Addison, IL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 5, 2016

I had very negative experience with the customer service at the woodfield Macy's. I purchased 14 items for my daughter and got home missing items in the bag. After waiting for 20 minutes to be helped it's a complete mess. They are very unorganized. I called the customer service line the next day to make sure I report this issue (thinking this is a normal company who cares about their customers). I spoke to a floor manager will and I arranged to come to the store and see him to resolve this issue. Unfortunately I couldn't make it on that day but I also called the manager and did let him know I will go in to see him the next day (I respect other times).

The manager told me he will in the store until 9:00 pm on 10/04 so I went see him around 6:00 pm and he was gone for the day after I rush to get there. He was not there, however they had to call another manager Scott who didn't even took the time to come and see me at all. He end up sending another floor manager Cheryl (she was really nice and tried to take care of this issue) but she still need help on how to Handle this issue and she had to go back to scott for help. After wasting my time again at the store today 1 hour there scott comes up with this unprofessional decision to tell me we have to review tape to make sure no items walk out of the door Without paying for it (excuse me). I spend $600 dollars this month at Macy's (I promise all items will be returned soon).

When I called the floor manager will and report this issue I also requested him to pull up videotape to ensure. My question now why was this not done ahead of time and do I have to waste all this time? The only answer I can find to this question is poor customer service. I never had to file a complaint or leave an bad review, but this is by far the worst experience ever!! I am a loyal Macy's customer. Walmart employees are more kind than upscale Macy's!! Think about it before you insult a client!!! They should be ashamed.

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Nina of Ny, NY

Original review: Oct. 1, 2016

*Warning to all Macy's shoppers*: I have been a loyal shopper at Macy's for over a decade, and will never shop at Macy's again due to their disgusting treatment of employees and their raw GREED among other failures. I do not want to contribute to their embezzlement of employees (and defrauding of their investors by over-projecting sales before the actual figures came out) making Macy's richer.

My mom recently started a job there for the experience to keep herself occupied, and it is the most miserable place to work at - like a *factory sweat shop*. The managers are incredibly hypocritical - their true faces come out within a week of working there. I have never seen her my angel of a mother so disheartened and overworked, yet management still ridicules her and disrespects her. BTW the Pink Pony charity - DO NOT buy any of those raffle tickets or bracelets. Macy's offers a deal of 25% off if you buy the $5 bracelet with about a thousand exclusions, and they know it is a terrible deal so they advertise it under "charity."

In addition, they are doing it for the TAX WRITE-OFF and GOOD PRESS. There is no oversight as to how much the customers pay for the bracelets vs. how much actually goes to charity. So, so unfortunate. I am sickened with the entire establishment of Macy's and will be telling everyone I know and encounter to never shop at Macy's again. No wonder there is such a high turn-over rate. DO NOT WORK AT MACY'S UNLESS YOU WANT TO RUIN YOUR LIFE and your spine. Most abusive company you can work for. The look on my mom's face when she came home from work everyday broke my heart.

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Ken of Cupertino, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 30, 2016

Quick and user friendly. Select what you want to purchase (e.g. pants, shirts, etc.), select style, review the available styles/sizes, order the desired product, input shipping information and payment option. Very good process. Only negative is the large selection quantity that is available.

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Amy of Martinez, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 30, 2016

Their clearance sec is awesome. Ordering is a breeze. Shoes came in priority mail promptly even having ordered them the day after Christmas day.

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Js of Okla. City, OK Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 30, 2016

I had the wrong size and even though I bought it online, I was able to exchange at the store. No waiting for a replacement. Very easy to check out. Very simple. I love shopping at Macy's online. The Website is very easy to use and check out is a breeze. Exchanging items was simple and fast.

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Jeanne of North Brunswick, NJ Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 30, 2016

Dressy t-shirt. Takes very long, almost two weeks to receive product and you are paying high priced shipping charges.

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Yolanda of Cleveland, OH Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 30, 2016

It's hard to determine size since I lost weight. Sometimes size is exact and at times small. At the stores they tend to accept the coupons and not online. I do know they will match what is online at stores. I guess it depends on the sale. I dislike shipping costs. The best is buy $25 get free shipping. There are times when I only want 1 or 2 items and it cost more and not saving. I then don't buy and lose out in sale. I don't drive so online shopping is the best for me.

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Original review: Sept. 30, 2016

Had to return a different item, no hassle at all. User-friendly website, great sales offered. Online shopping is easier for me than retail shopping. I don't feel overwhelmed by racks of clothes, different areas of the store for each different clothing line. Clothes appear to be in better shape when bought online and delivered to your home.

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Betty of Port Jervis, NY Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 30, 2016

Purchasing online was very easy & gifts to my granddaughter was received quickly.

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Wendy of Winter Springs, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 30, 2016

I have only had several occasions in which I had to call Customer Service - one when an order was duplicated and I asked how was the best way to return it and another was when a pair of shoes was ordered online and the shoes had two different sizes. The clerk at the Macy's store deleted the shipping charges and I called customer services asking why did I have to pay shipping for a defective order. They promptly returned the shipping charges. Sometimes I'll go back to my bag a few days later and my choices are still there. I usually do not have any issues shopping online at Macy's. If you do not order the minimum for free shipping the charges are steep at $9.95 unless there is free shipping even for a few hours. The choices are many online and much more than shopping at the free standing stores. I love their return policy - no questions asked. Sometimes what you ordered may not work and one of their stores are not far from where I live.

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Allison of Sunnyvale, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 30, 2016

Used my Macy's American Express card in late June. Received first bill in July and paid the full amount July 27. In August, I received a bill that had a "late fee" only. Ok, maybe I missed the payment deadline? So I went back online and paid the late fee in full. In September, I receive a paper notice that I have "$0.00" balance. Good. October 4th, I get a bill for the full amount again plus additional late charges. And the automated phone calls have started. I received 2 last night and 3 this morning. Have been on hold trying to tolerate unbearable warbled, distorted music for 29 minutes. I can hardly wait to close this account and shop elsewhere.

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Paul of Suwanee, GA

Original review: Sept. 30, 2016

My wife shopped at Macy's religiously, and always used her Macy's card. I talked her away from using the card, and paid off the remaining balance, leaving the account at $0. The next month she gets an email that her bill is ready. This email contains no information regarding the bill, due date, minimum payment, balance, etc. that one would expect, and gets from companies such as American Express.

Since the bill was paid in full the prior month, my wife disregards the email. The next month she gets another of the same, and this time tells me to look at the account. I try but the website is down. So a few days later I check again. The account that was paid in full now has a $6 dollar balance. Apparently, if there is any balance the next month it applies a minimum amount of $2 for interest. This had piled up for three months.

Fine. I call customer service to ask about this. I pay off the balance in full again. Friday my wife received another email, so I log in to check the account again. Website is down again! I wait a few more days, and $4 balance! This company is a shame and their in-store credit card policy is a shame. I will never shop at Macy's again. As a side note, Citicard runs the Macy's in-store credit service. Costco will also lose my business for their recent shift from AMEX to Citicard to save money on processing fees.

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Allyson of Everett, WA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Sept. 29, 2016

"Your order couldn't be processed and was canceled. Don't worry, your account wasn't charged. For other methods of payment used, we'll mail you a Macy's Gift Card. Please note: the Macy's Gift Card can be used to purchase merchandise online and in store; it isn't redeemable for cash. Please call our Consumer Protection team at 1-866-282-8977 (Monday-Saturday 9AM-9PM, Sunday 9AM-7PM) to resolve this issue."

They cancelled my order. Never called me. I called them and after 45 minutes of them not understanding English and transferring me they hung up on me. I went on Facebook and told them to call me. I emailed them and told them to call me. When they finally did they placed my order for one pair of pants and not at the original discount even. I called to cancel it. After half an hour got it cancelled. I spent over 3 hours on this. People really need to be accountable for their actions and they are not. I do like the Macy's store but their online needs to be removed.

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H. of Silver Spring, MD Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 27, 2016

I spent over 20 minutes this morning on "hold" listening to (horrible) music, waiting for the Macy's representative to come on the line. The music was periodically interrupted by a recording telling me how to pay my bill online instead of waiting, and they warned that it would be a long wait. Let me back up a little. Last month, they sent me a statement with an incorrect late fee of $35 added to the bill. I called, finally got through, and got the late fee removed. I paid the legitimate part of the bill online and thought I was through with it. So, this month I got another bill with the "late fee" doubled, plus interest! Plus a series of robo-calls, with a collection agency recording telling me to press 1 if I wanted to pay my bill over the phone. Mind you, I had not bought anything; the bill was entirely for nonexistent late fees, plus interest.

I called them again, and after the 20 minute wait, finally got through to a representative who apologized profusely, told me that the previous late fee had only "partially" been removed (huh?), and said she had removed the entire fee, and I won't be bothered again. Well, we'll see. I cut up my Macy's charge card and will never buy anything that way again. I don't care if they offer a discount; I'd rather just use a regular credit card. Why on earth should anyone be put through this kind of ordeal for no reason? In fact, I doubt that I'll ever again shop at Macy's, period. I have to wonder how many elderly or confused people are "robbed" this way. Getting a call from a collection agency is not only annoying, it's alarming. Really makes me angry.

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Top 389 Macy's Reviews | Page 27 (18)

Fardus of Brooklyn, NY Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Sept. 21, 2016

I LOVED shopping at Macy's online and in store however recently when you make an online purchase, they follow it up with a "Macy's Consumer Protection" call where you have to provide a code they left on your voicemail on the number they have provided. My sister and I live abroad and my sister was visiting my mom in the States. I placed the order to be delivered to our house in the States and they called a number I no longer have (and didn't provide on my order - I used my mom's phone number since she's home where the package will be delivered). When I didn't answer the phone I don't have, Macy's sent me an email to notify me. The email said "Please retrieve the message we left for you at the phone number ending in ** by 6 pm on 09/18/2016 to ensure your order is not cancelled and ships to you as quickly as possible. When calling back, please have your reservation number available."

I obviously could not retrieve the message but called with my order number and within 60 seconds the rep on the phone went from flat to rude with a strong attitude in her tone. I explained I ordered before and have had this issue before. She gave me more attitude and kept repeating "either call from that number or give us the code we left on that phone's voicemail". That was it. I let it go.

THEN my sister (who in the US) makes the same order and puts my mom's phone number. They call my sister's old number and the same process starts again. Does Macy's think no one changes their phone number? Do they think a sale isn't worth having someone on the phone that says more than two sentences repeatedly? The same thing happened to me 6 months ago and I missed sending a birthday gift to a friend. I don't know why I tried to place an order again. I'm overseas and online shopping and delivery to the US is basic, and something I should be able to rely on. NOT from you Macy's. Never again.

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dot of Cheyenne, WY

Original review: Sept. 15, 2016

Macy's are at no surprise closing some stores. Took an hour to find someone to close my account after paid off. Also had to have interest charges removed after I paid balance and closed the account the same day. I wouldn't recommend shopping in the stores that are actually still open or online.

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Darma of Miami, FL

Original review: Sept. 13, 2016

I have been trying to solve a dispute of unauthorized charges for 8 months now and it still has not been solved. I have been calling MACY'S on a daily basis and no one seems to know what the hell is going on. I am now going to hire an attorney because of this unauthorized issue - my checking account is around -1000 thanks to Macy's. I never leave a bad review, but this is by far the worst company ever!!!

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Dan of Wellington, OH Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 13, 2016

My wife has had a Macy's card for the last 14 years. We both have over 800 credit scores. She purchased a $20 item and evidently the credit card statement never arrived in our mailbox and we were charged with a $27 late fee. Well, that is life so we were just going to pay it. But before we got the check in the mail, DAILY collection calls came rolling in with no way to speak to a human being. We are APPALLED at the idiotic lack of customer sensitivity from this company. We are closing our credit account and doubt very much if we will ever shop this failing department store ever again.

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Peggy of Feura Bush, NY Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 9, 2016

Purchased a pair of Style & Company Jeans late August 2016, put them on in anticipation of a great Labor Day Weekend at the lake. Pulled them up and the zipper ripped an 8 inch gash in my leg. (No swimming, ruined weekend for water sports.) Called Macy's to ask where to send a note with a picture. Woman told me to go to the website and fill out the form, they would contact me. So I did and they didn't! Still haven't heard from Macy's, still have a gash on my leg. Just looking for an apology and hoping they will look into the zipper problem so no one else will get hurt, but they choose to ignore me. Time to rip up my charge card and shop elsewhere. They should be ashamed.

Top 389 Macy's Reviews | Page 27 (23)

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Top 389 Macy's Reviews | Page 27 (25)

Sam of Temecula, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 8, 2016

They never sent an email statement and charged late fee. I searched all of my emails and I do not have one from them last month. Charged me $27 for late payment fee. Asked for excuse and they only can waive $16..... I just paid in full and disputing for full late fee to be refunded. I asked to forward this email from last month for 10 times. But never got it. They never sent one. Never change your statement to paperless. They will trick you to charge you...

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Top 389 Macy's Reviews | Page 27 (26)

Robert of No, CA

Original review: Sept. 6, 2016

If a Macy's employee asks for your phone number so they can add you to their clientele, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM. They store your card information, address, phone number, even birthdate and transaction history for future reference. They can even order and buy things using your phone number without you even being there. It is a disgrace that a company like Macy's gives their untrustworthy employees access to customer information with a simple phone number. Most employees do not explain what they are doing and store your information without your knowledge.

This has happened to me a few times already before I realized what they are doing. Macy's customer service via phone supposedly has no idea about the clientele database but I am sure someone there does! It even starts to gather information from Macy' purchases and BLOOMINGDALE'S PURCHASES. It is a complete violation of privacy and I am currently working with customer service to find a way to remove my information.

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Tanyah of Hattiesburg, MS Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 6, 2016

I should mention first that I have never written a negative report in my life, but I cannot stay quiet about this company. First, I returned a few items, which took about two weeks for them to allegedly "credit" (according to the site), which they didn't do but sent me gift cards instead. I have *never* dealt with a company that refused to refund my money. This move insured Macy's Credit Card kept everything I spent.

Second, I ordered an e-gift card for my son, which never worked. I called them four times and finally they indicated they would "refund" my money. Of course, that hasn't happened, and at this point, I don't expect it to happen. I have accepted the fact that I'm out $100.00 and that this company is mismanaged, greedy, surreptitious and dissembling. If you, like me, value your money you will lock it up away from these people.

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DeAnn of Visalia, CA

Original review: Sept. 3, 2016

I have tried to get information regarding my account for two hours. I called, no help! I am so completely over Macy's. The website is horrible to navigate, and the customer service is even worse. I can understand why so many stores are closing. Taking my business elsewhere.

Top 389 Macy's Reviews | Page 27 (29)

Kay of Red Oak, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 2, 2016

I have never, ever made a credit card payment late, and I have had NOTHING but problems with Macy's. They do not send email notices, so I have to remember when the payment is due by phone calendar. I called and made payments, but the barely English-speaking people speak and understand very poorly. Now they have left "late" payments on my account which never occurred and my biggest mistake was ever walking into a Macy's store. None of my other cards are a hassle - why is Macy's such a failure in their IT and payment capacities? Why can they not hire ANY English speaking employees? I HATE MACY'S!!!

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Ken of Frankfort, KY Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

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Original review: Aug. 28, 2016

Had very negative experience with customer service at Macy's. Purchased two shirts and one pair of pants at their Lexington KY store location. When I got home the pants still had the security warning tag attached to them, it should've been removed at the store by store employee. The warning on the tag states, tampering with alarming ink releases ink and could cause injury. Macy's customer service and the store manager told me the only solution was for me to return the pants to the store in Lexington. The store is 45 minutes one way from my home in Frankfort; therefore, I ask for compensation for my transportation expense. Mark ** the store manager refused to give me any compensation or discount for my inconvenience and expenses. The problem was created by them and I feel they should share the expense. I do have receipt.

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Top 389 Macy's Reviews | Page 27 (32)

Marjorie of Ceres, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 27, 2016

DO NOT GET THIS CARD! Macy's customer service and accounting department needs a lot of improvement! They are very unorganized (and I am being nice). It is a complete mess! I never received a statement, never ordered on the card, NEVER ACTIVATED the card and yet it is on my credit report! I was a excellent customer with Macy's and always paid more and was never late all because I receive statements! Macy's American Express is a mess, and the company does NOT know what it is doing! Stay AWAY! If they do NOT correct my credit, I will pay off my MACY'S card now, and I will never do business with them again.

I also ordered a $400 handbag, and it was sent to me all crushed up inside of a Macy's bag, instead of a box and it had no plastic bag covering it, (like it should). Just an expensive handbag, all wrapped up in a Macy's plastic bag, with excess tape. It was terrible! The bag instead of looking brand new, looks like it was used (looks like it was heavily used all because of the way they shipped it out!), so I will NEVER order with them again! Macy's, it is your own fault why you are having to close 40 stores. Keep it up and you will be closing all of your stores!!!

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Angela of Jericho, NY Verified Buyer

Original review: Aug. 27, 2016

Today I had horrible experience. What is going on at the Huntington Macy's? Employees have a horrible attitude. I bought two Men's Polo shirts to be given as gifts. I asked the cashier for a Macy's paper bag. She said NO. I saw paper bags was under the cashier's desk. The cashier was angry toward me. She said "here, take it." She never said "I am sorry, I didn't know that the paper bags were there." I was surprised that a Macy's employee was so rude and lied!

The first floor had a food event. I was given 2 dishes (spaghetti) for my son and me. I needed to use a chair for my son. A heavy set female Macy's employee in a purple shirt came to me, "Don't use the chair." I asked "How can I hold two dishes and take care of child?" She had lot to say "You are supposed to have one dish! We are going to use this chair. You have to move." She had to have more consideration, as a Macy's representative, for my 3-year-old son. He could spill the food and slide on the food. Event restaurant employee nicely gave me two dishes?!!! Do I need to throw one in the garbage? She was rude and not afraid to express anger to client a customer and her young child.

After my shopping I saw a "Sushi event." I went there and tried to get a sample of the sushi. Suddenly the heavy set woman and an ** male, both Macy's employee came to me. They said, "You have to get out. We watched the video. You had a dish already. We will call security!!" What were they watching on the video, me sampling the food?

There was nothing posted ,"One dish per customer." I believed I could try 2~3 different kinds of foods can take if I want. And this was not even Macy's food. Macy's provided the space only, nearby restaurants wanted to share. It is my right to choose the food I want. The heavy set woman employee was not afraid to insult me, She and the ** male were involved together. I asked "what's your name?" She passed by me. I followed her "What's your name?" She said "when you follow me I will call security!!!" A customer can ask an employee's name.The ** guy was very rude when I asked the female employee's name. He said "I'm not going to give it to you." When I complained to the manager about what happened, he did not stop arguing with me until the manager told him to stop.

Macy's employees can at least show etiquette. VIDEO CAMERA is not that type of NASTY PURPOSE. If you have limit of policy WRITTEN!! No one cannot insert or nasty team play to customer, threatening as SECURITY!! These two employees on the first floor seriously need customer service education! The heavy set woman would not give her name when I asked. She ran to the second floor! The ** cooperated with that woman. They were both nasty, rude, argued, and intimidated me. Who are they? I am a loyal Macy's customer. Target employees are more kind than upscale Macy's!! Think about it before you insult a client!!!

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Top 389 Macy's Reviews | Page 27 (34)

Melissa of Kennesaw, GA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 24, 2016

I have not been able to review my account online, I have not received statements, it is impossible to manage a Macy's account - I think that is the goal, lying to customers and promising statements that are never going to be sent. I cannot access my account online either, you can log in and it takes you to an apparent credit card site, but will not load anything. It just spins and brings you back to the previous page, asking you sign into your account, again. Every customer service rep is from India, they are obviously part of off shoring jobs, and are useless as they are also aware that they cannot provide any customer service, again, that is the goal.

I hope this company goes completely out of business and hopefully the people in charge are all put in the spot light, exposing their intent to confuse and lie to their customers as they obviously have no plans to run a proper company with a proper website. Macy's is a joke. Buy from them only if you are using your own card (not a Macy's store account) cash, and keep you receipt. This should be illegal.

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Top 389 Macy's Reviews | Page 27 (35)

Anil of Boulder, CO

Original review: Aug. 23, 2016

Had very negative customer service for Macy's credit card. Did not get paper statement in my new address, Tried to change address online but did not let me change or pay my balance. When I reported they said should have received paper statement. If I got that would have paid right away. I have had Macys credit card for 11 years. Never missed the due date. This time I missed, they reported to credit bureau without any warning. DO NOT GET THESE CREDIT CARDS. They keep insisting to get these cards, once you get, you might be in great trouble.

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Top 389 Macy's Reviews | Page 27 (36)

Shayna of San Diego, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 22, 2016

Macy's has been a complete nightmare to deal with. We received a gift card for our wedding present from my grandfather. We were excited to look at the Macy's couches for our new apartment. We found a couch we liked and went to the furniture counter to ask what the total balance would be after we applied our gift card. We decided we would love to order the couch so we gave the man our credit card for the difference and he then informed us that the couch was back ordered for 8+ weeks. We needed a couch right away so we told him to CANCEL the order immediately. We left the store and purchased a couch elsewhere, believing that we had CANCELED that order. In the following weeks we received letters from Macy's regarding our order so we had to call Macy's for over an hour on 2 separate occasions informing them that was a MISTAKE and we did not ORDER the sofa.

They finally told us they would cancel it and issue us a full REFUND. We traveled to Macy's months later to use our gift card and were told that we had no money left. We were confused and had to call Macy's to confirm the balance was indeed $0. We then called customer service and spent HOURS on the phone with them trying to understand why we had $0 balance and they told us that they issued a refund to the credit card that purchased the gift card. They would not tell us the date they issued the refund or which credit card it was issued to. They also wouldn't email me any proof saying that is what happened. I then spoke to grandfather about the refund asking him to go through his credit card statements for months searching for this refund. He was unable to find it, not to mention how ridiculous my request was. The guy was trying to give me a kind wedding gift and now he is stuck on an endless search for this mysterious Macy's refund.

In the end he did not find it so I just spent another hour on the phone with Macy's trying to get the history of the gift card transactions or details about the date they issued my refund. They informed me they COULD NOT HELP ME. They could not give me any information about my gift card number and they needed me to tell them the credit card that was used to purchase my gift card. Completely absurd on their end as it was a gift and it was Macy's who issued this mysterious refund without letting me know. RIGHT NOW my gift card is $0 when it was given to me at $400. I do not know who I can speak to at MACY'S to get this straightened out but it has been a total nightmare and I will never shop at Macy's again. I told my story to many people I know and they have told me of their own similar nightmares with Macy's. If anyone has any advice please share it.

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