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12 reviews

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Shawn Elwell


5 Star Rating

Likeisha H. who on the servicing customer service side is a true angel! She walked me through the process, stayed with me to get me to the right department, just an amazing experience overall. Thank you Likeisha! Huntington needs more awesome people like you.

Product: Huntington Bank Mortgages

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Jose Vasquez


1 Star Rating

One of the worst banks I have ever dealt with. Huntington Bank has mishandled my mortgage account and has not applied my payments accordingly. As a result, I have filed complaints with the CFPB, BBB and the IL Attorney General. They must be stopped!

Product: Huntington Bank Mortgages


Geeta Afolayan


1 Star Rating

If you are looking to buy a home please please run from this horrible bank and it’s staffs. They will waste your time. They are highly highly unprofessional and incompetent. Bailey Johnson, Ahkeem Henderson, and Kimberly Corbin are the worst team to work with. They made our home buying experience a total nightmare and we were putting 50% in down payment. If you are looking to close in 30 days please add additional 45 days because this bank will waste your time. They are just so incompetent.

Product: Huntington Bank Mortgages




1 Star Rating

Do not EVEN try to get a mortgage through this bank. I was selling a rental house and after six months of back and forth my buyer went to Loan Depot and got everything done in about a month. Back to Huntington - the inspection listed several bad electrical outlets. I hired an electrician and told him to fix them and anything else he saw a problem with. Done. A month goes by and Huntington says they need a signed statement from the electrician saying he'd fixed what was called out in the inspection. I called him back and he provided the statement. Another month goes by and Huntington says they need the statement on the electrician's stationary along with his license number. He does so. A month goes by and Huntington says they need the electrician to provide another letter stating that all the electrical in the house was good. The house was built in 1935 and there is no way an ethical craftsman can sign off that every thing in the house is good. The fuse box is new and there are no indications of a problem. I talked to a couple of people in real estate and they said to never never go to Huntington. Live and learn.

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Product: Huntington Bank Mortgages


Sarah Desciak


1 Star Rating

In short: Disorganized, unhelpful, and doesn’t resolve issues. They never paid my school taxes after I informed them of a reassessment in February. Fast forward to September and the taxes are still NOT paid. On top of that, there are now fees and penalties totaling around $400 for the delinquencies. Since February I’ve spoken to many representatives to get this issue resolved. Today, I was informed that they expect me to cover those penalty fees even though it was their mistake. Do NOT trust Huntington with your mortgage.

Product: Huntington Bank Mortgages




1 Star Rating

Verified Customer

Account was part of a bankruptcy. Huntington continues to say I reaffirmed the debt 14 years after the bankruptcy 21 years ago. It is now 2021 and this is still on my credit report.. they keep changing the account number and extending the date of removal.

Product: Huntington Bank Mortgages


Aimee Skeel

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You should consult with your bankruptcy attorney this seems sketchy/illegal on banks part!


Adam Norwood


1 Star Rating

The description of do the right thing with a service heart and can do attitude is completely false. They have terrible communication throughout the loan application process, create delays that put our closing date in jeopardy by not taking care of things in a timely manner, and place the blame on the consumer instead of taking responsibility. John Saylor is the worst lending officer. Do not use him or them!!

Product: Huntington Bank Mortgages


Sharon S


1 Star Rating

STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND. Read the fine print before you sign any Huntington Mortgage. They have predatory lending practices that facilitate and encourage the financial abuse between spouses after divorce.

They refuse to honor legal court judgements that clearly state that NO CREDITOR IS PERMITTED TO CONTINUE EXTENDING CREDIT in the non-responsible parties name, they refuse to make a loan modification so that the mortgage matches the legal court separation of assets. They refuse to come up with viable solutions that don't require the cooperation of an Ex-Spouse, who is only interested in harming the person seeking assistance. This is his only remaining way to do so, and Huntington is not only allowing him to do so, they are facilitating the abuse.

If all that wasn't bad enough, they have failed to abide by and enforce their own foreclosure policy and have allowed the abusing spouse to stay in the home, consequence free, for YEARS.

For those of you thinking (Covid) this started the end of 2017, PRIOR to Covid even starting, and has continued for the last four years.

Product: Huntington Bank Mortgages


Ray Gandolf


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1 Star Rating

DECEPTIVE!!!! Customer Service talked me into a forbearance when we thought my wife was being laid off during COVID. Thankfully she wasn't. When I contacted them, they kept telling me that I needed to wait to hear from them and that the 3 months of payments would go on the end of my loan. I was unable to make payments online at this point. Now the 3 months are up and my account remains flagged so the I cannot refinance at a lower rate. I have to wait another 3 months before my loan status is clear even though they told me it would be clear by the middle of July. I AM DONE WITH HUNTINGTON

Product: Huntington Bank Mortgages




5 Star Rating

Verified Customer

Huntington has been a very good choice for a primary mortgage. Always there if I have a need or a question. I would highly recommend them .

Product: Huntington Bank Mortgages


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How much money can I withdraw from Truist? ›

Benefits include: Truist Wealth Debit Card with deals or Delta SkyMiles® Debit Card. Increased daily ATM withdrawal limit of $3,000 and daily purchase limit of $25,000. Account access through Truist Online and Mobile Banking with unlimited online Bill Pay.

Is LifeGreen eAccess a checking account? ›

The eAccess account is designed for customers who do most of their banking electronically, and provides processing at no charge for first 3 checks per month, with a $. 50 fee for each additional check. Please note Regions determines the free checks based on when they are presented for payment not when they are written.

What are the disadvantages of Regions Bank? ›

Cons. Low interest rates on basic savings and CD accounts. Fee for more than three withdrawals from a savings account per month. $11 monthly fee for the LifeGreen Checking if deposit requirements are not met.

Does Truist charge ATM fees? ›

ATM withdrawal (in-network) $0 “In-network” refers to the Truist ATM network. Locations can be found at ATM withdrawal (out-of network) $3 This is our fee.

Is Truist a good bank? ›

The bottom line: Truist was formed in 2019 through a merger of two banks, BB&T and SunTrust. Today, Truist Bank is among the top 10 largest banks in the U.S. Truist has a good basic checking account but its savings rates are generally low, and some fees, including overdraft fees, are high and hard to avoid.

What fees does Truist charge? ›

Truist Checking Account Fees
FeeAmount Charged
Out-of-network International ATM$5 + ATM owner fees + 3% of transaction
Domestic Wire Transfer$15 incoming, $30 outgoing
International Wire Transfer$20 incoming, $65 outgoing
3 more rows
Jun 15, 2022

What is a LifeGreen checking from Regions Bank? ›

The LifeGreen® Checking account offers everything you expect from our most popular checking account. Enjoy unlimited check writing and a way to waive the monthly fee, plus an option to open a LifeGreen Savings account with no monthly fee and an opportunity to earn an annual savings bonus.

Is Regions a good bank to bank with? ›

Quick Take: Regions Bank is a good option for those in the South, Midwest and Texas who are looking for a one-stop financial institution. In the 15 states it serves, it offers plentiful branch access. However, it's not the bank for those seeking low fees and high yields.

How do I withdraw money from Regions Bank? ›

Just enter the four-digit pin you selected when you set up your card and follow the prompts to select the amount you want to withdraw.

Which bank is better Wells Fargo or Regions? ›

Regions Bank's brand is ranked #- in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Regions Bank. Wells Fargo's brand is ranked #139 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Wells Fargo.
Regions Bank vs Wells Fargo.
1 more row

Who is the best bank? ›

Here are the top national banks in 2022:
  • 🏆 Chase Bank: Best Bank Bonuses.
  • Discover Bank: Best Cash Back.
  • Bank of America: Best Online Banking.
  • Citi: Best for Savings.
  • PNC Bank: Best Banking Bundle.
  • Capital One: Best Customer Satisfaction.
  • TD Bank: Best Customer Service.
  • US Bank: Best for CDs.

How do I avoid Regions Bank fees? ›

Preferred Checking
  1. Maintain a monthly balance of $5,000 or more.
  2. Maintain a combined balance of $25,000 or more among all of your Regions accounts.
  3. Have a combined outstanding balance of $25,000 or more with your Regions loans and lines of credit.
  4. Keep in good standing with your Regions first-lien home mortgage.

Are checks free at Truist? ›

4 Official checks and Money Order: There is no charge for Truist Wealth Checking Accounts and Health Savings Accounts. Truist Asset Management and Truist One Checking accounts are entitled to one no-fee official check and one no-fee money order per statement cycle. Note: 1.)

How much cash can I deposit at Truist ATM? ›

Key documents for deposits
Level BenefitsLevel 1Level 2
Additional Truist One Checking and or Truist One Savings Accounts with No Monthly Maintenance Fee1 Savings1 Checking 1 Savings
Zelle Limits$2,000 Daily $10,000 Rolling 30 Days
Debit Card Daily Limits$500 ATM $3,000 POS$500 ATM $3,000 POS
8 more rows

What is Truist overdraft limit? ›

Highlights of the flagship Truist One Checking account include: No overdraft fees. Up to $100 negative balance buffer for qualifying clients so transactions go through at no extra charge.

Which bank is better Truist or chase? ›

Chase. Chase has a much bigger branch network than Truist Bank — over 4,700 versus Truist's approximately 2,100. However, Chase does not offer a money market account and Truist Bank does.

Who is Truist bank owned by? ›

Truist Financial Corporation is an American bank holding company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Truist Financial.
PredecessorBB&T Corporation SunTrust Banks
Founded1872 (as BB&T) 1897 (as Southern National) 1891 (as SunTrust) 2019 (as Truist)
16 more rows

How secure is Truist bank? ›

Truist is FDIC insured. You'll be able to deposit up to $250,000 in an individual bank account and your money will be secure.

Does Truist Bank have senior checking? ›

Senior Checking is for individuals at least 55 years of age. There is a $100 minimum deposit requirement to open an account, but it comes with perks. You have the option to personalize your debit card.

How do I stop payment Truist? ›

You can: Contact your local Truist branch. Call 844-4TRUIST (844-487-8478)

Does Truist charge for Zelle? ›

There's no fee to send money with Zelle® from your enrolled Truist business account. However, Zelle® payments to your business account will be charged a 1.0% fee by Truist.

What banks give a bonus for opening an account? ›

  • Citigold® Checking Account: Up to $2,000 cash bonus offer.
  • Chase Total Checking®: $200 bonus offer.
  • Citi Priority Account: Up to $2,000 cash bonus offer.
  • Chase Secure Banking℠: $100 bonus offer.
  • Bank of America Advantage Banking: $100 bonus offer.
  • TD Bank Checking: $200 or $300 bonus offer.
Oct 3, 2022

What credit score is needed to get a loan from Regions Bank? ›

Regions Bank typically prefers to lend to people with excellent credit, which means anything above 800 according to credit bureau Experian. You may be able to get approved with a credit score between 750 to 800, but you can expect to pay higher monthly payments or see your loan amount limited.

What is the minimum balance for a Regions checking account? ›

$10 minimum opening deposit. Social security number or tax identification number.

Who is the number 1 bank in America? ›

JPMorgan Chase is the top largest bank in the US, with a balance sheet total of $2.87 trillion.

Which bank is better Bank of America or Regions? ›

Bank of America's brand is ranked #152 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Bank of America. Their current valuation is $298.80B. Regions Bank's brand is ranked #- in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Regions Bank.
Bank of America vs Regions Bank.
1 more row

Is a credit union better than a bank? ›

Credit unions typically offer lower fees, higher savings rates, and a more personalized approach to customer service for their members. In addition, credit unions may offer lower interest rates on loans. It may also be easier to obtain a loan with a credit union than a larger bank.

Can I withdraw $5000 from ATM? ›

The amount of cash you can withdraw from a bank in a single day will depend on the bank's cash withdrawal policy. Your bank may allow you to withdraw $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000 in cash per day. Or your daily cash withdrawal limits may be well below these amounts.

What is the maximum amount you can withdraw from a bank? ›

The cash withdrawal limit per day is Rs. 50,000 (1,00,000 for HNI's).

How much cash can you withdraw from a bank without it being reported? ›

Federal law requires a person to report cash transactions of more than $10,000 by filing IRS Form 8300PDF, Report of Cash Payments Over $10,000 Received in a Trade or Business.

How much cash can you withdraw from a bank in one day? ›

Most banks and credit unions will let you take out between $300 to $3,000 daily at an ATM. However, there might be additional limits depending on where you bank. Banks like US Bank and Wells Fargo have different ATM withdrawal limits depending on your account. You'll have to check your account to see the current limit.

What is the maximum withdrawal from BB&T ATM? ›

BB&T: BB&T's @Work, Back to Basics, Fundamentals, Senior and Student checking accounts have an ATM withdrawal limit of $500 with a daily debit purchase limit of $3,000.

What is the daily withdrawal limit for SunTrust? ›

SunTrust ATM withdrawal limits are about $1,000 per day. The daily ATM withdrawal limit is $500 for essential checking and balance banking accounts. SunTrust Select Checking account has an ATM withdrawal limit of $1,000. This is the SunTrust ATM transaction limit in America.

What is Truist overdraft limit? ›

Highlights of the flagship Truist One Checking account include: No overdraft fees. Up to $100 negative balance buffer for qualifying clients so transactions go through at no extra charge.

Can a bank refuse to give you your money? ›

refuse to cash my check? There is no federal law that requires a bank to cash a check, even a government check. Some banks only cash checks if you have an account at the bank. Other banks will cash checks for non-customers, but they may charge a fee.

Should I take my money out of the bank 2022? ›

There are a lot of better choices than holding cash in 2022. Inflation will deteriorate the value of your savings if you decide to stash your cash in a bank account. Over the long run, you'll be better off investing now, even if expected returns are lower than they've been historically.

How often can I deposit cash without being flagged? ›

Cash deposits are made daily throughout the country. However, there is a maximum cash deposit limit of $10 000. Large deposits of over 10 000 in cash may raise red flags and require your bank or credit card union to report these transactions to the federal government.

How many times can I withdraw money from ATM in a day? ›

Key Takeaways. The ATM withdrawal limit is the maximum permissible limit that a bank places on ATM transactions per day. Most Indian banks permit five free transactions at their own bank ATMs. You may also withdraw funds from other bank ATMs up to three and five times a month in metro and non-metro cities.

Can I withdraw $20000 from bank? ›

Can I Withdraw $20,000 from My Bank? Yes, you can withdraw $20,0000 if you have that amount in your account. But with an amount this large, it will be reported. What is this?

How much cash can I withdraw from a bank before red flag? ›

A frequently cited limit on the most cash you can withdraw at any one time is $10,000. However, the reality is that withdrawals of $10,000 or greater are allowed, but they will trigger federal government reporting requirements.

Can I withdraw $5000 from ATM? ›

The amount of cash you can withdraw from a bank in a single day will depend on the bank's cash withdrawal policy. Your bank may allow you to withdraw $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000 in cash per day. Or your daily cash withdrawal limits may be well below these amounts.

Can I deposit 50000 cash in bank? ›

How much cash can you deposit? You can deposit as much as you need to, but your financial institution may be required to report your deposit to the federal government.

Can I deposit $4000 at ATM? ›

In most cases, there is no cap on the dollar amount you can deposit through an ATM. However, there may be a maximum number of items you can deposit. Wells Fargo, for instance, limits the number of bills and checks you can deposit to 30 per transaction.

How can I withdraw money from ATM with insufficient funds? ›

Option One: Use overdrafts to withdraw the money you don't have, incur a fee, and pay back both the overdraft and the overdraft fee when you can. Option Two: Top up your checking account and withdraw the money you do have, avoid overdraft fees, and pay back the amount on terms you're in control of.

How can I get my overdraft fee waived Truist? ›

Here are a few tips to get an overdraft fee waived or ask to get an overdraft fee refund: Stop spending money once your account balance is negative. Call Truist at 844-487-8478 or find a nearby Truist branch. Explain your situation and ask if the customer service representative can waive the fee.

How long does it take a check to clear at Truist? ›

One, no-fee Official Check and one, no-fee Money Order per statement cycle. Funds are generally available the next business day after the deposit is received. See the Funds Availability Policy in the Bank Services Agreement for further details. Truist will post items to your account based on your available balance.


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