Gaming Content Moderator Team Leader with French, Tech Mahindra (2023)


We are looking for a Content Moderator Team Leader to join our well known client in the Gaming Sector with French language, and we offer a Hybrid working schedule in Timisoara or in Bucharest.


As a Moderation Lead, you will be the subject matter expert for moderation of EGS products and storefront. Collaborating with Publishing, Development, Design, Operations, and Moderation teams, you will develop standards and policies, implement processes, tools, and scalability plans in continuous alignment with the platforms vision and roadmap


  • 2 Year to 3 Years’ experience in content moderation
  • Own - content moderation policies and processes, guidelines, runbooks, appeals process, and edge case scenario planning. Relationship with the Moderation team, liaising with internal stakeholders and partners regarding all things related to games platform content moderation
  • Collaborate - With stakeholders such as publishing, developers, community, operations and the Moderation team to ensure continuous alignment with the vision and content moderation best practices. With the team to optimize process and policy for quality, accuracy and efficiency, as well as optimize for global coverage during this time of growth
  • Execute - Be the business owner for the results of content moderation. Work directly with the Moderation team to collect data and analytics and make necessary adjustments to provide creators and partners with the best store experience possible, and identify new opportunities to enhance existing organizations, services, processes and policies. Define and maintain appropriate and effective SLA’s alongside high quality reviews
  • Review and moderate the platform by following the policies, processes, and guidelines and provide decision based on prescribed guidelines
  • Review and investigate 3D, visual, graphic, audio, and text content for violation of policies and guidelines. (For example slurs, cuss words, adult content and uncivil content)
  • The role also involves moderating content of Egregious nature
  • Recognize trends and patterns and raise issues timely
  • Maintain a thorough understanding of process and policies
  • Should have native/Near native communication skills(Written)
  • Review and moderate all user-generated content and user profiles (Either pre-, post- or reactive moderation) within the games platform.
  • Maintain the Moderation Guidelines.
  • Provide daily reports to the Manager with moderation statistics
  • Accountable for performance standards (Efficiency, Quality) in a weekly manner
  • Use market specific knowledge, signals, and insights to spot and scope scalable solutions to improve the support of our clients community of gamers
  • Understanding of online community platform moderation tools (Forums, Blogs, Photo Uploads, Commenting etc.).
  • Good knowledge of internet culture.
  • Strong organizational and multitasking skills, and a proactive approach
  • 5-day working, Rotational based shifts
  • Able to quickly adapt to changing situations and take on new challenges.
  • Team player, detail focused and reliable
  • Good technical understanding and can pick up new tools quickly
  • Education -Graduate/Post Graduate/Diploma


(Video) Edition 4: France Vs. California: what's the future of education?

• Outstanding Recruitment Process and Support offered all the way;

• Motivating & competitive salary based on your skills & know-how;

• If you have a financial problem that you want to resolve fast, we got your back by providing salary in advance;

• We are constantly thinking on how to support you on saving more money, so we are offering discounts to all our partners which are over +600;

• If you are looking for an international career, now you have the chance to join a TOP 50 IT company also mentioned in Forbes. What is more amazing is that we offer a stable job, and growth opportunities are always present! Our philosophy is to support, listen, help and train our colleagues to deliver the best results and to keep a positive climate, fresh energy and the possibility to leave your mark in a global company;

• If you are like us, and you feel good when you help others in need, then you have the amazing opportunity to join our community where we are fighting to make the world a better place by offering Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns;

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• You will also have the opportunity to sharpen your language skillsets with our multicultural environment;

• We also have an E-Learning Platform where you have the chance to develop further your skills and keep being amazing;

• Your health has the highest importance to us, and we are proud to say that we offer probably one of the best and Top Tier medical packages from Romania, with the area of coverage also outside the borders and with open doors to all Hospitals and Private Clinics world wide (excluding SUA) up toEUR per annum maximum claim;

(as examples: we have you covered with Health Care checks/ Dental care/ Vision care/ Prescription medicines/ Pre-existing Chronic Illnesses/ Maternity Expenses/ Personal Accident/ Loss of personal effects – as a result of Mugging/ Loss of international driving license/ Loss of baggage/ Delay of baggage/ Trip delay/ Trip interruption/ Emergency hotel accommodation/ Hijacking/ Ambulance transportation and so on)

• We talked about the body and soul, and of course we are talking about the mind as well, we don’t want you to burn out, so we are supporting you by offering a vacation bonus if you take at least 10 consecutive days, because we are really thinking of you and how much quality time is important to us all as relaxation and health;

• Together we are making a difference, that’s why you will have constant support and counselling all the way up!

(Video) Using artificial intelligence to automate content moderation and compliance with AWS services

• We do love our happy moments so in order to celebrate with you, we are offering you a bonus for the birth of your child.

• We are here for you and got your back even in a tragic event or unforseen situation by offering a bonus payment;

• Meal vouchers with the value of 20 RON per voucher for food or groceries;

• We do support you in having a balanced life and to boost up your immunity (especially in this period of time) by offering a reimbursement for Sports subscription;

• At Tech M. we are all bonded together and appreciate one and another, and we want to show our appreciation and joyfulness together with you on Children’s day by offering Gift Tickets; and of course, for Woman’s day as well, because they are making our lives more colorful;

• By ranking together and growing into something beautiful, we offer the possibility of personal time off based seniority;

(Video) Moderating Extremism: The challenge of combatting online harms - Prof. Tamar Mitts, Columbia Univ.

• Hang on, we are almost close at the bottom, we want you to have fun at work, so we are offering our relaxing room to your disposal, we have it all, from PlayStation, to Ping-Pong, Cards, Darts, Pool Game, Books and Puzzle;

• If you think like us, that together we are stronger, and can imagine yourself playing pool, darts, competing at FIFA on the PS5, or playing other games with your friend/s, that is even better. We offer a recommendation bonus of 500 EUR;

• The most important of all is that we have super hyped colleagues and great working atmosphere with a lot of positive energy, and this is our game changer, because we truly value you the most;

• When you drink your coffee or favorite beverage, you can enjoy the amazing view of the city from the rooftop from Vox Technology Park;

• We are thinking unconditionally towards our colleagues needs and we put in first place our health by providing a safe and also a work life balance system, because we want you to thrive in our community beside us, and we are always hooked into the positive work life balance of our colleagues by not only promoting but also providing a Full Work From Home scenario. At the end you choose how you would like to work, from Home or from the Office, or Hybrid;

• We are pet friendly (you can bring your pet at work);

(Video) Google and YouTube moderators speak out

Age, is just a number, please don’t be afraid to apply! We are here for you always! Give us a call and someone awesome from our Recruitment Dep. will contact you and discuss about the positions we have open at the moment, future opportunities, or about the local market. You are at one phone call away of potentially changing your life by boosting your career!


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