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  • Rights Obligations and Powers of the General Partner 6.1 Management of the Partnership.

  • Powers of the General Partner (a) The management, operation and policy of the Partnership shall be vested exclusively in the General Partner, which shall have the power by itself, and shall be authorized and empowered on behalf and in the name of the Partnership, to carry out any and all of the objects and purposes of the Partnership and to perform all acts and enter into and perform all contracts and other undertakings that it may deem necessary or advisable or incidental thereto, all in accordance with and subject to the other terms of this Agreement. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, the General Partner may, with the prior written consent of UST, delegate any of its discretionary investment authority and other rights, powers, functions and obligations hereunder to any Person, which may be a third party or an Affiliate of the General Partner; provided that any such delegation shall be revocable by the General Partner and the General Partner shall always remain liable to the Partnership and the Limited Partners for the General Partner’s obligations hereunder and for all actions and omissions of any such third parties or Affiliates to the same extent as the General Partner is liable for its own actions and omissions hereunder.

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  • Duties and Powers The business of the Corporation shall be managed by or under the direction of the Board of Directors which may exercise all such powers of the Corporation and do all such lawful acts and things as are not by law or by the Certificate of Incorporation or by these Bylaws directed or required to be exercised or done by the stockholders.

  • Outside Activities of the General Partner The General Partner shall not directly or indirectly enter into or conduct any business, other than in connection with, (a) the ownership, acquisition and disposition of Partnership Interests, (b) the management of the business and affairs of the Partnership, (c) the operation of the General Partner as a reporting company with a class (or classes) of securities registered under the Exchange Act, (d) its operations as a REIT, (e) the offering, sale, syndication, private placement or public offering of stock, bonds, securities or other interests, (f) financing or refinancing of any type related to the Partnership or its assets or activities, and (g) such activities as are incidental thereto; provided, however, that, except as otherwise provided herein, any funds raised by the General Partner pursuant to the preceding clauses (e) and (f) shall be made available to the Partnership, whether as Capital Contributions, loans or otherwise, as appropriate, and, provided, further that the General Partner may, in its sole and absolute discretion, from time to time hold or acquire assets in its own name or otherwise other than through the Partnership so long as the General Partner takes commercially reasonable measures to ensure that the economic benefits and burdens of such Property are otherwise vested in the Partnership, through assignment, mortgage loan or otherwise or, if it is not commercially reasonable to vest such economic interests in the Partnership, the Partners shall negotiate in good faith to amend this Agreement, including, without limitation, the definition of “Adjustment Factor,” to reflect such activities and the direct ownership of assets by the General Partner. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to prohibit the General Partner from executing guarantees of Partnership debt. The General Partner and all Disregarded Entities with respect to the General Partner, taken as a group, shall not own any assets or take title to assets (other than temporarily in connection with an acquisition prior to contributing such assets to the Partnership) other than (i) interests in Disregarded Entities with respect to the General Partner, (ii) Partnership Interests as the General Partner, (iii) an interest (not to exceed 1% of capital and profits) in any Subsidiary of the Partnership that the General Partner holds to maintain such Subsidiary’s status as a partnership for Federal income tax purposes or otherwise, and (iv) such cash and cash equivalents, bank accounts or similar instruments or accounts as such group deems reasonably necessary, taking into account Section 7.1.D hereof and the requirements necessary for the General Partner to qualify as a REIT and for the General Partner to carry out its responsibilities contemplated under this Agreement and the Charter. Any Limited Partner Interests acquired by the General Partner, whether pursuant to the exercise by a Limited Partner of its right to Redemption, or otherwise, shall be automatically converted into a General Partner Interest comprised of an identical number of Partnership Units with the same terms as the class or series so acquired. Any Affiliates of the General Partner may acquire Limited Partner Interests and shall, except as expressly provided in this Agreement, be entitled to exercise all rights of a Limited Partner relating to such Limited Partner Interests.

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  • Reimbursement of the General Partner (a) Except as provided in this Section 7.4 and elsewhere in this Agreement, the General Partner shall not be compensated for its services as a general partner or managing member of any Group Member.

  • Authority of the General Partner The General Partner shall have the sole and exclusive right to manage the affairs of the Partnership and shall have all of the rights and powers that may be possessed by general partners under the Act. If two or more Persons are serving as General Partners, decisions regarding the management of the Partnership and its business and affairs shall be made by the consent of a majority in number of the General Partners then serving. The rights and powers that the General Partner may exercise include, but are not limited to, the following:

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  • Restrictions on the General Partner’s Authority Except as provided in Article XII and Article XIV, the General Partner may not sell, exchange or otherwise dispose of all or substantially all of the assets of the Partnership Group, taken as a whole, in a single transaction or a series of related transactions without the approval of a Unit Majority; provided, however, that this provision shall not preclude or limit the General Partner’s ability to mortgage, pledge, hypothecate or grant a security interest in all or substantially all of the assets of the Partnership Group and shall not apply to any forced sale of any or all of the assets of the Partnership Group pursuant to the foreclosure of, or other realization upon, any such encumbrance.


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  • Removal of the General Partner The General Partner may be removed if such removal is approved by the Unitholders holding at least 66 2/3% of the Outstanding Units (including Units held by the General Partner and its Affiliates) voting as a single class. Any such action by such holders for removal of the General Partner must also provide for the election of a successor General Partner by the Unitholders holding a majority of the outstanding Common Units voting as a class and Unitholders holding a majority of the outstanding Subordinated Units (if any Subordinated Units are then Outstanding) voting as a class (including, in each case, Units held by the General Partner and its Affiliates). Such removal shall be effective immediately following the admission of a successor General Partner pursuant to Section 10.2. The removal of the General Partner shall also automatically constitute the removal of the General Partner as general partner or managing member, to the extent applicable, of the other Group Members of which the General Partner is a general partner or a managing member. If a Person is elected as a successor General Partner in accordance with the terms of this Section 11.2, such Person shall, upon admission pursuant to Section 10.2, automatically become a successor general partner or managing member, to the extent applicable, of the other Group Members of which the General Partner is a general partner or a managing member. The right of the holders of Outstanding Units to remove the General Partner shall not exist or be exercised unless the Partnership has received an opinion opining as to the matters covered by a Withdrawal Opinion of Counsel. Any successor General Partner elected in accordance with the terms of this Section 11.2 shall be subject to the provisions of Section 10.2.

  • Liability of the General Partner (a) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth in this Agreement, the General Partner shall not be liable for monetary damages to the Partnership or any Partners for losses sustained or liabilities incurred as a result of errors in judgment or of any act or omission if the General Partner acted in good faith. The General Partner shall not be in breach of any duty that the General Partner may owe to the Limited Partners or the Partnership or any other Persons under this Agreement or of any duty stated or implied by law or equity provided the General Partner, acting in good faith, abides by the terms of this Agreement.

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