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what is a customer service advisor?

As a customer service advisor, you speak directly with customers. If there is a question, complaint or comment, you work with the customer to resolve any issues. Some advisors work face-to-face with customers in a store or restaurant. Others talk to customers online or over the phone. Since customers count on customer service support to get answers, you should be approachable, well-trained and eager to help. Advisors tend to be go-getters who take their training seriously and ask questions to offer the best customer service.

Customer service advisors aren't just representing themselves; they represent the company as a whole. Advisors are patient, understanding and willing to listen to customers when they have a complaint about the business or service. Some advisors exclusively take complaints over the phone.

Customer service advisors work in various business sectors, including sales, retail, automotive, healthcare, food service and education. Since most companies interact with customers to an extent, customer service advisors provide a valuable service.

Would working as a customer service advisor suit your active listening skills? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a customer service advisor role.

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average customer service advisor salary

According to National Careers, the median compensation package of a customer service advisor is £17,000 per year for entry-level positions. With additional skills and experience, your earnings can increase to over £25,000 annually. The pay structure of customer service advisors usually differs if they work part-time or full-time positions. The hourly rates for working during the day may be lower than working unsociable hours like night shifts.

what affects the salary of a customer service advisor?

The compensation package of a customer service advisor usually depends on the business sector. For instance, working in a food service and retail business attracts a lower salary than working in technology or financial services. Working in in-demand fields often increases your compensation. Your work experience and skills also define your earnings. For instance, you attract higher wages if you have some experience and educational qualifications. Some locations offer better pay due to the demand for customer service advisors. For instance, working in large cities rather than small towns improves your salary prospects.

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types of customer service advisors

The term 'customer service advisor' covers many jobs. Generally, the main types of customer service advisors include:

  • in-person customer service advisors: you offer support to customers who visit the company premises. You answer queries and resolve their issues with the products. You also direct customers to colleagues who can help them.
  • phone customer service advisors: most customer service advisors who work in call centres answer questions and respond to customer requests or complaints over the phone.
  • social media support: you keep an eye on social media pages and comments. You create posts on behalf of the company and respond to questions and issues raised on social media.

working as a customer service advisor

Working as a customer service advisor involves interacting with customers on various platforms. To succeed in the role, it is essential to be an engaged and active listener.

  • customer service advisor job description

    Some tasks of a customer service advisor include:

    • handling customer inquiries: your primary task is to answer customer questions and queries. You handle inquiries on various online platforms, such as live chat, social media and email support. You also answer phone calls to respond to customer questions.
    • providing support and comprehensive product service information: you provide comprehensive support to customers. That means you should be informed and knowledgeable about the company's products. In the event of product updates or changes, you inform customers and explain various services.
    • building relationships with customers: you build relationships with customers, establish a rapport and develop human connections. Interacting with customers and dealing with issues effectively builds customer loyalty.
    • assisting customers with purchasing decisions: you require sales skills to help customers with purchasing decisions. You advise customers on products by explaining the features and speeding up their decision-making process.
    • performing administrative tasks: you write reports and complete other administrative tasks. For instance, you process sales and payments for customers. You also update customer information in the company database.
  • work environment

    Some customer service advisors work in call centres or retail stores. The job involves working at a desk for long periods, leaving only to take a break. Nowadays, customer service advisors can often work from home or in remote locations, meaning you can work just about anywhere - in a home office, on the couch or at a coffee shop. However, if you provide in-person support, you work in a shop, a showroom or an office. Customer service advisors tend to work indoors, and most don't travel beyond the daily commute to work.

  • who are your colleagues?

    As a customer service advisor, your colleagues might include call centre operators, counter service assistants, service representativesrole, 1st line support and bank customer service advisors. You also work with sales assistants, sales associates, sales agents and marketing executives, marketing coordinator, as well as other specialists like tourist information centre assistants, travel agents, customer service assistants, customer service representatives and service managers.q

  • work schedule

    In-person customer service advisors usually work when the business is open. However, the timing of a shift depends on the business's hours. If the business operates from 9 am to 5 pm, the advisor might arrive when the store opens and leave as soon as it closes. Conversely, if the store has long opening hours, the advisor might have an early, mid or closing shift. Some advisors rotate their shifts throughout the week. Others take overnight shifts to give themselves more time for their families, hobbies and educational pursuits during the day.

    Since customer service advisors are supposed to be constantly available to customers, many jobs require employees to work nights, weekends and holidays. Depending on your job responsibilities, you may work five or more days a week. Your shifts could be part-time or full-time, and you may be offered overtime or required to take overtime.

  • job outlook

    While some businesses rely on FAQ pages and chatbots to assist their customers, every business needs human advisors. Most customers want to talk to a real person when they have questions. If a customer is frustrated and can't reach an advisor, they often give up and switch to another company, resulting in a loss for the business. A team of human advisors prevents that issue and gives customers a helpful, personalised experience.

    As a customer service advisor, you handle intense interactions, such as cold calls, customer complaints or helping multiple people at once during a busy shift. Your role as a customer service advisor is just as vital to company success as the supervisors and store managers who work behind the scenes.

  • advantages of finding a customer service advisor job through randstad

    Finding your customer service advisor job through Randstad provides important advantages such as:

    • a wide variety of training and development opportunities
    • an experienced contact person to provide help if needed
    • a range of opportunities in your area
    • get paid weekly or monthly, depending on the job
    • temporary and permanent contracts

    Want a permanent contract? A temporary job as a customer service advisor is often a stepping stone to an attractive permanent job. Every year, thousands of people earn a permanent contract with great employers thanks to a temporary job found through Randstad. What's more, many companies recruit their permanent employees through Randstad too!


education and skills

Some of the ways to get into the role include:

  • college course: to become a customer service advisor, you should take a college course. Some courses available include a Level 1 Certificate in customer service or a Level 2 Certificate in contact centre operations. The entry requirements for Level 2 courses include 2 GCSEs at grades 9 to 3, while the Level 1 course requires 2 GCSEs at grades 3 to 1.
  • apprenticeship: join apprenticeship opportunities like customer service intermediate apprenticeship or advanced apprenticeship as a customer service specialist. You will complete the training as you gain work experience.

skills and competencies

Some of the qualities of a customer service advisor include:

  • active listening: active listening skills enable you to be attentive to people's issues and respond appropriately to solve the problem.
  • empathy: it is crucial to understand other people's feelings. Your empathy also creates a good impression, so the customer feels understood and appreciated.
  • problem-solving skills: with problem-solving skills, you can identify the source of customers' issues and recommend solutions. You walk customers through trouble-shooting problems and direct them to a technician.
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  • what is a good customer service advisor?

    A good customer service advisor shows up to work on time, answers questions promptly and gives customers an efficient but friendly experience. These professionals are cheerful and upbeat even in stressful situations.

  • how much do customer service advisors make?

    Customer service advisors make between £17,000 and £25,000 a year, but that number varies across different job fields. Some advisors make less if they take a retail or entry-level job that doesn't require extensive education. Other advisors earn higher salaries as they take on more challenging corporate roles.

  • what qualifications do you need to be a customer service advisor?

    Some customer service advisors need a college qualification or apprenticeship. Having prior experience in retail, technology or customer service is also beneficial. Applicants should show their employer their ability to learn quickly, retain information and be enthusiastic about dealing with challenging workdays.

  • what is a service advisor?

    A customer service advisor talks directly to customers in person, online or over the phone. Some advisors only handle customer complaints, while others ask customers about their experience, answer their questions, help them select products or direct them to other advisors. It's the advisor's job to give customers what they need, within reason, and represent their company positively.

  • what are the three important qualities of customer service?

    A customer service advisor has to enjoy working with people and be enthusiastic when interacting with customers. Working in customer service often involves dealing with angry or difficult customers, so an advisor also needs the patience to resolve various situations. Finally, a good customer service advisor should be able to answer questions and gather information quickly for their customers.

  • how do I apply for a customer service advisor vacancy?

    Applying for a customer service advisor job is easy: create a Randstad profile and search our customer service advisor job offers. Then simply send us your CV and cover letter. Need help with your application? Check out all our job search tips here!

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