Best Resume Builders of 2022: Top 10 Resume Builder Websites (2023)

To save time and energy, many job seekers use online resume builders. Most websites offering resume builder software have free trials or low subscription fees, so a builder is a great way to create a professional-looking resume and is:

  1. Easier than writing it yourself
  2. Cheaper than paying for a traditional resume writing service.

But with countless resume builder websites out there, it’s not easy to know which one is worth your time (and money).

To help you make a more informed decision, we’ve reviewed the 10 best online resume builders for job seekers in 2022, rating them on the quality of their software, template options, pricing, and more.

10 best resume builder websites

Here are the top 10 resume builders available today:

1. Resume Genius

Best Resume Builders of 2022: Top 10 Resume Builder Websites (1)

We know what you’re thinking: of course a resume builder website is going to say their own builder is best. Fair enough, go ahead and skip this section if you want.

However, we wouldn’t be one of the top career advice websites online if our product wasn’t well-designed and helpful. The Resume Genius builder offers users 15 modern resume templates to choose from, all of which are highly professional and designed to be ATS friendly.

Additionally, the Resume Genius builder features something many others don’t: our software uses AI to add pre-filled bullet points to your experience section.

Each bullet point is pulled from a database of common professions, and highlights skills and responsibilities relevant to your career. The end result is that making your resume with our software is extremely fast and easy.

The Resume Genius builder charges a one-time fee of $2.95 to download your custom-built resume, or a monthly fee of $7.95 for unlimited resumes and cover letters.

2. Canva Resume Builder

Best Resume Builders of 2022: Top 10 Resume Builder Websites (2)

Canva offers a design-centric resume builder with a wide range of templates and customization options.

Where Canva really excels though is the sheer number of template options they provide. In fact, the Canva builder has so many templates that we couldn’t count them.

Canva’s template designs range from the modern, to the highly professional, to the wildly eccentric, so no matter what kind of job you’re applying for you’re bound to find one that works for you.

However, unlike some other online resume builders, Canva doesn’t offer pre-filled text or provide advice for how to write your resume. Additionally, you can’t upload your current resume for a redesign, and will have to fill in each text field manually. This makes it a more time-consuming option than other websites we tried.

Canva’s resume builder starts at $1 per resume, or $12.99 per month (after a free 30 day trial) if you want access to their “Canva Pro” service.

Verdict: With a huge library of templates, the Canva resume builder is a great choice for graphic designers or anyone looking to make a resume that emphasizes design. However, if you’re short on time or aren’t sure what to include on your resume, you’re better off using a more streamlined, content-focused resume builder.


  • Many resume template options
  • Highly customizable


  • Need to manually fill in each section
  • Little resume writing guidance offered

3. Zety

Best Resume Builders of 2022: Top 10 Resume Builder Websites (3)

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One of the biggest career advice websites on the internet, Zety provides a snappy, helpful resume builder with plenty of template options.

Zety’s resume builder offers an extensive library of pre-written bullet points, skills, and resume summaries, making it one of the more helpful builders we tested. Each pre-written line is tailored to the industry you work in, and provides a short fill-in-the-blank template.

We found that this feature significantly sped up the process of creating a resume, making Zety’s resume builder a great option for anyone looking to save time.

Our primary critique of Zety’s resume builder is that their template options are slightly similar in style. They’re great for making a modern, minimalist resume, but if you want your resume to stand out from the competition, we think you’re better off using a different service that provides more variety in template designs.

Zety’s resume builder costs $2.70 for a 14-day trial, after which they charge $5.95 per month.

Verdict: Zety’s resume builder is beginner-friendly and convenient to use. However, their templates all feature a very similar style.


  • Convenient and fast
  • Helpful pre-written content


  • Templates all use the same style

4. Indeed Resume Builder

Best Resume Builders of 2022: Top 10 Resume Builder Websites (4)

While mostly known as a job board, Indeed also provides a useful resume builder that’s fast and easy to use.

Featuring eight unique templates, Indeed gives job seekers everything they need to put together a strong resume. Additionally, their builder provides the option to add less common resume sections like military experience and patents, which makes it a good choice for people with nontraditional work experience.

However, Indeed’s resume builder falls short regarding features and template offerings. Their templates are all quite basic looking when compared to competitors, and many of them don’t do a great job of maximizing available space.

Lastly, the Indeed resume builder lacks many convenient features — like pre-written bullets and the ability to add skill bars — that other online resume builders provide.

Verdict: Indeed’s resume builder is super easy to use and gets the job done. However, their template offerings aren’t exciting and their builder is missing some key features provided by other builders.


  • Costs nothing
  • Easy to use


  • Templates are unimpressive
  • The builder lacks features found in other software options

5. LiveCareer

Best Resume Builders of 2022: Top 10 Resume Builder Websites (5)

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LiveCareer has provided expert advice and resume building services for over 15 years.

Their resume builder is fast, intuitive, and provides a wide variety of professional-looking templates. Using their builder, it’s clear that LiveCareer has leveraged their years of industry experience to refine their software and make it easy to use.

Additionally, LiveCareer’s builder allows you to import your existing resume and reformat it within their builder. We found this feature worked well and saved time.

Our one criticism of LiveCareer’s resume builder is that their template designs are a bit simple, and look old-fashioned compared to some competitors. The end result may not be ideal for job seekers applying for work in creative industries like design or marketing.

LiveCareer’s resume builder provides unlimited 14-day access for $2.95, or $5.95 for a monthly subscription, making it a cheaper option. However, they don’t offer a free trial period.

Verdict: LiveCareer’s resume builder is quick, affordable, and easy-to-use. It’s a great option for the average job seeker. However, their templates are due for an update.


  • Numerous template options
  • Fast, easy-to-use builder


  • Templates look outdated

6. Resume Companion

Best Resume Builders of 2022: Top 10 Resume Builder Websites (6)

Although relatively small when compared to the other websites on this list, Resume Companion provides a high-quality resume builder that’s just as good (if not better) than most of the other options online.

What most impressed us about Resume Companion’s builder was their selection of resume templates. While not as diverse as Canva’s, Resume Companion offers some sleek, modern-looking templates that are both attractive and professional.

In particular, we liked that their templates come in various pastel colors (including millennial pink) that are well-suited to newer generations of job seekers.

The Resume Companion builder charges a $2.95 trial fee, or a monthly fee of $7.95 for full access to their product.

Verdict: Resume Companion’s resume builder is easy to use and features some tasteful, modern template designs. It’s a great option for younger job seekers in particular.


  • Great resume templates
  • Beginner-friendly builder


  • Lacks some features offered by other builders

7. Novoresume

Best Resume Builders of 2022: Top 10 Resume Builder Websites (7)

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Based in Denmark, Novoresume provides a modern resume builder that works well for job seekers on either side of the Atlantic.

Like Indeed’s resume builder, Novoresume allows you to manually adjust many aspects of your resume, such as the font, margins, and layout. Additionally, Novoresume provides tons of tips while you build your resume to help you make sure it’s written well.

However, where we feel Novoresume’s builder falls short is that their template options are a bit limited. The majority of their offerings look similar to one another, and all stick to a basic design. If you want a more traditional-looking resume or something that feels more creative, you’re better off using a different resume builder.

Additionally, Novoresume’s builder encourages users to add a profile picture to their resume. While this is standard in most parts of Europe, job seekers in the U.S. or U.K. should not include a picture of themselves. This feature could cause an issue for inexperienced job seekers who don’t know better.

The Novoresume builder uses a freemium model, so you can download your resume as a PDF for free. However, if you want extra features, you’ll need to pay $16 per month or $29.99 for three months.

Verdict: Novoresume is a solid freemium product. Their builder is powerful and has some unique features. However, their templates are all quite similar and their builder seems geared more toward European job seekers.


  • Helpful writing tips inside the builder
  • Free to try


  • Might be confusing for U.K. or U.S. users
  • Template offerings are very similar looking
  • Premium access is expensive

8. ResumeNerd

Best Resume Builders of 2022: Top 10 Resume Builder Websites (8)

ResumeNerd is a job board site that also provides a powerful online resume builder tailored for beginners.

ResumeNerd stands out by providing tons of pre-written examples users can add to their resume’s experience section. Not only that, but they offer a list of helpful tips before filling out each section, making them a great option for anyone creating their first resume.

However, ResumeNerd’s template options aren’t as impressive as some other online resume builders. The majority of their templates are simple, and not very space-efficient. If you have a lot of information to list on your resume, you’re better off using a builder that provides more compact templates or allows you a greater degree of customization.

ResumeNerd’s resume builder costs $2.75 for a 14 day trial, and a $9.75 per month subscription.

Verdict: ResumeNerd’s builder is very easy to use and provides a range of tips and pre-written content, making it a great option for entry level job seekers. However, their template options aren’t as impressive as those offered by competitors.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Pre-written content helps with writer’s block


  • Basic template options

9. Enhancv

Best Resume Builders of 2022: Top 10 Resume Builder Websites (9)

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Enhancv offers a modern resume builder housed on a sleek, minimalist website.

When starting Enhancv’s builder process, you’re greeted by Julia, a virtual assistant and “resume expert”. While a bit uncanny, this is just one of many details that makes Enhancv feel like the most cutting-edge and contemporary out of all the resume builders we tried.

Enhancv also features a collection of well-designed, modern templates that can efficiently fit a lot of information. Their builder allows you to edit many aspects of the template, and even add small charts or images.

However, unlike some other resume builders, Enhancv doesn’t offer a guided experience or pre-written options to speed the resume writing process along. This makes their service a bit intimidating for anyone without experience writing a resume.

Additionally, Enhancv encourages users to add a photo, which is convenient for EU job seekers, but could confuse U.S. users.

Enhancv provides a freemium service, so you’re able to download a basic resume from their builder without paying. However, if you want access to their full library of templates, designs, fonts, and colors, you’ll need to pay $14.99 per month. This makes it one of the more expensive online resume builder services we tested.

Verdict: Enhancv’s resume builder is sleek and modern, but doesn’t offer a lot of help for beginners. Additionally, their premium service is costly compared to other online resume builders.


  • Modern resume template designs
  • Polished experience


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Full access is pricey

10. MyPerfectResume

Best Resume Builders of 2022: Top 10 Resume Builder Websites (10)

Featuring helpful pre-written content and a broad slate of templates, MyPerfectResume offers a useful resume builder that’s on par with the rest of the competition.

MyPerfectResume’s resume builder excels with its extensive library of pre-written content. We found that it made the process of writing a resume fast and easy.

However, we found many of MyPerfectResume’s templates to be old-fashioned looking or awkwardly designed. For example, the formatting of some templates was very inefficient, leaving a large block of white space on the right side of the page.

MyPerfectResume’s resume builder is $2.95 for a 14 day trial, after which they charge $5.95 for monthly access.

Verdict: MyPerfectResume’s resume builder provides a helpful, fast service. However, their template options are outdated looking when compared to other online resume builders.


  • Templates are tailored for different experience-levels
  • Helpful pre-written content


What is the easiest resume builder? ›

Resume Genius is undoubtedly one of the easiest and fastest free resume tools you have at your disposal. With a clean and easy-to-use interface, the tool walks you (speedily) through the sections of your resume, including education, work experience, and references.

Is ZETY a good resume builder? ›

Is Zety a good resume builder? Yes. Millions of job seekers have used Zety to help them land their dream jobs and it ranks as our second-best resume builder. Zety provides a large selection of modern templates, expert resume advice, and useful articles.

How much does my perfect resume cost? ›

How much does it cost to use MyPerfectResume? MyPerfectResume offers a 3-month subscription for $5.95 as well as an annual subscription for $71.40.

How far back should a resume go? ›

How far back should your resume go in 2022? The common advice is to keep the work experience in a resume between 10 to 15 years. Doing so will give your hiring manager a general outline of your start, your growth, and where you find yourself now.

Which software is best for making resume? ›

16 resume programs to help create your resume
  • Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a popular word processing program that includes dozens of free, customizable resume templates. ...
  • InDesign. Adobe InDesign is a design program used for creating graphics and editing images. ...
  • Photoshop. ...
  • Canva. ...
  • Visme. ...
  • Venngage. ...
  • Biteable. ...
  • EasyPrompter.

Which app is best for resume? ›

3 Great Tools to Create Infographic Resumes
AppBest for:Platform
CanvaCreating a free custom-designed resumeWeb, iOS, Android
VismeFinding the perfect design assets quicklyWeb
VenngageBuilding an interactive visual resumeWeb
6 Mar 2018

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What is the best resume format? ›

For most people, the reverse-chronological resume format is the best option. This means listing your work experience and education in reverse-chronological order, i.e. starting with the most recent position and working backwards through previous jobs or degrees.

Is ZETY easy to cancel? ›

The easiest way to cancel your subscription is to call our friendly support team or contact them on chat. You can also cancel your subscription on your own by going to your account dashboard's “My Plan” section.

How many jobs should I put on a resume? ›

How Many Jobs Should You List on a Resume? You should list as many jobs on your resume as you can assuming they are all relevant and you're not going beyond the 10-15 year limit. The number of jobs typically varies between 7 and 3. As long as each job or position is relevant, you shouldn't worry about the exact number.

What software should I use to make a resume? ›

16 resume programs to help create your resume
  1. Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a popular word processing program that includes dozens of free, customizable resume templates. ...
  2. InDesign. Adobe InDesign is a design program used for creating graphics and editing images. ...
  3. Photoshop. ...
  4. Canva. ...
  5. Visme. ...
  6. Venngage. ...
  7. Biteable. ...
  8. EasyPrompter.


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