3 Best Delta 9 Brands to Buy Delta 9 THC Products Online in 2022 (2023)

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The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the medical and recreational use of CBD containing less than 0.3% delta-9 THC content. This subsequently increased the popularity of delta-9 THC and paved the way for cannabis brands to produce and sell it to the public. The hemp market is filled with different products, but how do you know the best delta-9 brands to buy from?

We went out to find you some answers, did our research, and found the best delta-9 brands that can cater to your specific needs. Read on to find out.

Top 3 Best Delta 9 Brands on the Market 2022:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta-9 THC Products for Sale; Editor’s Choice
  2. Delta Extrax – Top Rated Delta-9 Brand for Organic Hemp Derived THC Products
  3. Mr. Hemp Flower – Variety of Delta 9 Gummies & Other Delta-9 Products

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta-9 THC Products for Sale; Editor’s Choice

3 Best Delta 9 Brands to Buy Delta 9 THC Products Online in 2022 (1)

One of the first cannabis-focused companies, Exhale Wellness, is one of the best delta-9 brands. A group of cannabis researchers, growers, and zealots founded this company to fill the gap in the cannabis market. Together, they have decades of experience working in the organic food industry.

Featured in Forbes magazine, Observer, and the Los Angeles Times, Exhale Wellness has a reputation for being the cannabis brand with the highest natural hemp quality. This innovative delta-9 brand uses THC extract from legally compliant hemp grown by their partners — the best hemp farmers in Colorado. They use the cleanest, safest, and most expensive method of extraction, CO2 extraction, to extract THC from hemp flowers. Therefore, you are sure to get the best value for your money.

Exhale Wellness has quality delta-9 edibles such as gummies and oils, sold at reasonable prices. Their products are effective and made from all-natural and organic ingredients. They do not use artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. Their gummies, for example, are a mix of fruit flavors like pineapple, cherry, raspberry, apple, strawberry, and orange. They use organic non-fructose sweeteners such as cane sugar and brown rice syrup.

In addition, this delta-9 brand caters to every diet, as its products are plant-based and vegan-friendly. They use no animal by-products in their products, which contain no gelatin, gluten, or saturated fats. As a result, you do not need to worry about your waistline or heart while getting the benefits of their delta-9 products.


  • Third-Party Lab Testing: Exhale Wellness’ delta-9 products continually undergo third-party lab testing to ascertain their accuracy and purity before being put on sale. The results of these tests are accessible to the public on their website. Their products contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC in accordance with federal laws.
  • Online Presence: This reputable delta-9 brand only sells online, and they have an easily navigable website where they showcase and sell their products. They also share helpful information about delta-9 THC, delta-8 THC, CBD, and other cannabis-related topics.
  • Cost-Friendly: Fortunately, they offer amazing discounts, up to 25%, on first-time purchases and subscriptions. They created a platform where customers can earn rewards by doing activities, which include engaging with them on social media, referrals, and purchasing products. Moreover, you can claim your rewards through product discounts.
  • Shipping: Furthermore, they provide free economy shipping to any location within the U.S. But, you have to pay for standard or expedited shipping. They also pay for return shipping of any unopened or wrong product. They offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee as well.
  • Customer Care: In addition, their customer service is impressive. If you have an inquiry or problem, you can contact them through the chat box on their site, by an inquiry form, or via email. They typically reply within three to four hours during business hours, and they also have a refund/return or exchange request.


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  • Highest quality delta-9 products
  • Legally compliant
  • Third-party lab tested
  • All-natural and organic
  • Vegan-friendly
  • CO2 extraction used
  • Amazing discounts
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Products only available online

Customer Reviews
Customers are satisfied because there are thousands of positive reviews on Exhale Wellness’ site. Their buyers praise their products’ effectiveness and customer service. Although there are not many reviews on their delta-9 products yet, it is evident that customers are pleased with their products and services.

#2. Delta Extrax – Top Delta-9 Brand for Organic Hemp-Derived THC Products

3 Best Delta 9 Brands to Buy Delta 9 THC Products Online in 2022 (2)

Another quality-oriented delta-9 brand, Delta Extrax, is a go-to for the best delta-9 products at any time. The brand has great experience in the hemp industry. With its successes, it has also been featured in popular publications like Ministry of Hemp, Leafly, and Vapor Vanity. They are, therefore, trusted and patronized by thousands of hemp consumers.

Delta Extrax is, above all, an innovative hotshot in the hemp industry, and they unveil new products all the time. So, if you love to try new things, this is the brand for you. They are certainly setting a pace for others to follow.

This delta-9 brand has a variety of exciting edibles. They have beautifully packaged tasty and potent delta-9 infused gummies, slushies, and pop rocks, which are vegan-friendly and plant-based. Although they use some natural flavors and sweeteners, they also use artificial sweeteners and preservatives. The edibles are available in an assortment of delicious fruit flavors like raspberry, cherry, blueberry, citrus, and even a mixture of flavors. They use THC extracted from premium hemp flowers grown organically in the U.S.

All Delta Extrax delta-9 edibles have less than 0.3% THC content but are potent enough to get you “high” without messing up your senses. Third-party labs test their THC extracts for purity before use. Also, the end products are examined and reviewed before being put on sale. The Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for the products, which include the results of the test, are available to the public on their website.


  • Comprehensive Website: Delta Extrax owns a website where they display their products to buyers. In addition, they also have an informative blog to publish helpful articles and trending stuff in the industry.
  • Cost-Friendly: One of the few brands that treat their first-time customers with a huge bonus, Delta Extrax offers a whopping 65% discount on all first orders. They have a subscription plan that gives a discount of 15% on all their products. They also have a rewards program where customers can earn points by purchasing products, connecting on social media, and referrals. You can subsequently redeem your points/rewards as price discounts on products.
  • Shipment: You get your purchases shipped to your location fast and stress-free, but they do not offer free shipping. Unfortunately, you cannot request refunds or return or exchange products. They only give a refund of canceled orders before shipping.
  • Customer Care: Have any inquiries or complaints? You can fill the inquiry form on their website or call them on a direct phone number. They usually reply within a few hours.


  • Trusted brand
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Legally compliant
  • Highly potent
  • Variety of products
  • Awesome discounts


  • Uses artificial ingredients
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Only available online

Customer Reviews
Customers have a lot of positive comments about this delta-9 brand and its products. 98% of buyers are satisfied with their products and come back for more. Their customer support is also fast and efficient, and customers are pleased so far.

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#3. Mr. Hemp Flower – Variety of Delta-9 Gummies & Other Delta-9 Products

3 Best Delta 9 Brands to Buy Delta 9 THC Products Online in 2022 (3)

Mr. Hemp Flower offers legal, hemp-derived products, and as a trusted brand in the industry, they have experience producing quality hemp-derived products. They also partner with licensed U.S. hemp farmers to cultivate quality hemp for their products.

This remarkable delta-8 and full-spectrum CBD brand burst into the delta-9 market with chewy, yummy, full-spectrum delta-9 THC gummies. These gummies come in two flavors — Blue Raspberry and Watermelon — and these gummies contain all-natural and organically plant-based ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, colorants, flavors, or preservatives.

Since Mr. Hemp Flower infused these psychoactive THC gummies with full-spectrum delta-9 THC, they contain other cannabinoids and terpenes like CBN and CBD. These all enhance the effects of the delta-9 THC to alleviate anxiety, create calmness, and boost performance. Therefore, they improve the potency of the gummies, giving the best results.


  • Third-Party Lab Testing: All products by this delta-9 brand undergo third-party lab tests to confirm the accuracy and purity of the products, and the COAs of their products are available on their website. This site also caters to its cannabis-enthusiastic audience with the informational articles and news published there. Furthermore, it is presentable and easily navigable.
  • Cost-Friendly: If you buy their products for the first time, you will get a 15% discount. In case of dissatisfaction with a purchased product within 30 days, which they assure you is unlikely, you will get your money back. But, you must pay for the shipping of your purchases.
  • Customer Care: Moreover, this delta-9 brand has an excellent customer support system. You can contact them through the chat box on their site, inquiry form, email, or put a call through to them for immediate response. They usually respond to emails or inquiry forms within three to four hours.


  • Third-party lab tested
  • Full-spectrum product
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Legally compliant
  • 30-day refund policy


  • Limited variety of products
  • Only available online
  • No free shipping

Customer Reviews
Generally, customers love their products, and the fantastic reviews on their site say it all. In addition, customers like their prices. They are efficient, and buyers always come back for more. Orders arrive promptly and intact to your doorstep, and the customer service is fast and reliable. In short, users of Mr. Hemp Flower products only have positive experiences and reviews.

How We Chose these Delta-9 THC Brands?

Before making this list, we researched delta-9 brands and examined their products, customer service, and reputation.

How did we do the research? First, we went online and picked the most popular brands. Then, we examined them based on industry, legal, and health standards. We beat down the list further to come up with these three delta-9 brands.

Here are the factors we considered to create this list.

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  • Reputation

The reputation of a brand says a lot about it. Since these delta-9 brands are popular, people are familiar with their products and services. It also shows that they are legal and are regarded as experts in the industry. They are reputable and trusted, so their products are a great pick in the market.

  • Legally Compliant

A legally compliant company makes its products from hemp, containing 0.3% delta-9 THC or less. This is in accordance with the federal laws. We made this a criteria to ensure you can get and use your delta-9 products anywhere in the U.S.

  • Natural and Organic Plant-Based Ingredients

We ensured the list contains the best delta-9 brands mainly using natural and organic plant-based ingredients. This way, the products can cater to vegan and non-vegan consumers, low-fat diet plans, and any other diet plans. These ingredients, including hemp, flavors, and sweeteners, are from non-GMO and chemical-free plants, making the products as pure as possible. In fact, the hemp is grown by licensed hemp farmers on U.S. soil.

  • Third-Party Lab Tests

For a delta-9 brand to have made it to this list, its products must undergo tests by an independent third-party lab. The Certificate of Analysis (COA) must also be easily accessible to the customers on their site. This test will verify the accuracy and purity of the constituents, ingredients, and their content value. Therefore, you will know what you are taking into your body.

  • Cost

We further looked at the prices and costs of purchasing delta-9 products. We chose brands with reasonable prices for their high-quality products. While delta-9 products are not very cheap, we selected brands with the best deals to offer.

  • Customer Reviews

Feedback from customers of the delta-9 brands gave us insight into what consumers think of their products. Thus, it shows how effective their products are, what the side effects are, if any, and how well they relate with customers. Therefore, many reputable delta-9 brands request feedback from their customers.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Delta-9 Brand for Desired Delta-9 Products

Choosing the best delta-9 brand is crucial to get the best value for your money. We will give you a few pointers for buying from the best brand.

  • Legally Compliant

Before choosing a delta-9 brand, check to see if they follow the federal laws on cannabis cultivation and use. Secondly, confirm to see if they use full-spectrum hemp extracts or marijuana extracts. Afterward, verify if their hemp is from a licensed source. You should further check if their products meet legal laws in your state. Legally, hemp-derived products with 0.3% THC or less can be sold and used in all U.S. states.

On the other hand, marijuana-derived products are only legal in some states. Therefore, do research and buy what you can get and use where you are. You can find this information on their website and in brand reviews like this.

  • Brand’s Reputation

If the brand is famous and respected in the industry, they likely have ample experience in the field. It also means you can trust them to deliver quality, legal products. They are thorough and honest with their products, and it also means they offer excellent customer service.

  • Third-Party Lab Tests

Any reputable delta-9 brand will have its products tested by independent third-party labs. They also provide a COA as proof of this test, usually found on their website. You should avoid delta-9 brands that cannot show the COAs of their products.

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  • Nature of Ingredients

Most delta-9 brands use 100% natural and organic ingredients, as this is the standard. At least 90% of their ingredients should be natural ones. Avoid brands that use mostly artificial ingredients to sweeten, flavor, or preserve their products, as you do not want to be consuming unhealthy substances. Furthermore, if you are vegan or vegetarian, ensure the products are all plant-based before you purchase. If the brand is trustworthy, this information will always be available on their site.

  • Pricing

Do not let low prices deceive you, and only go for quality products with reasonable prices. Besides, many high-quality delta-9 brands offer amazing discounts and free shipping to customers. Even better, some provide a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

  • Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the best way to look into delta-9 brands and their products. When customers are satisfied with the results they received from using the products and services of a brand, they acknowledge this in their feedback. You can often identify delta-9 brands that offer outstanding services and products through their customers’ feedback.

FAQs: Delta-9

Q1. What is delta-9?
Delta-9 THC, also called delta-9, is a variant of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. Delta-9 is responsible for the intoxicating effects of cannabis, and research suggests that it may have medical benefits like pain relief, inducing sleep, and relaxing the mind. Federal laws allow the use of hemp-derived products containing less than 0.3% delta-9 THC for medical and recreational purposes. Although marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use in some states, it has more delta-9 than hemp and, therefore, is illegal federally.

Q2. What is the difference between delta-9 and delta-8?
Delta-9 and delta-8 are both variants of THC, but delta-9 is more abundant in cannabis than delta-8. Therefore, cannabis companies industrially synthesize delta-8 from CBD. Furthermore, delta-9 is more potent than delta-8, especially with the ‘high’ feeling derived from their consumption. Delta-8 products are sold and used in many states in the U.S.

Q3. What are the benefits of delta-9?
Delta-9 products may help you manage stress, relieve pain, and induce sleep. Primarily, people use it for its euphoric effects on the mind, which could increase performance. If you feel depressed, taking delta-9 may help lift your mood and relax your mind.

Q4. What are the available delta-9 products?
Different delta-9 brands offer different varieties of products, which include gummies, oils, pop-rocks, slushies, pre-rolls, flowers, and vapes.

Q5. Does hemp-derived delta-9 have any side effects?
A product with less than 0.3% THC is not intoxicating, but it still may have other temporary side effects. Different people have different reactions to delta-9, and you could experience fatigue, drowsiness, dry mouth, and appetite increase. It also depends on how you take it, where you take it, and how much you take.

Q6. How much delta-9 can I take in a day?
Your dosage of delta-9 could depend on your weight, age, height, sex, preference, experience using delta-9, and medical prescription. The average daily dose of delta-9 could be from 3mg to 20mg. A high dosage could be from 20mg to 50mg or 50mg to 100mg for some. The higher your dose, the higher the effects. Brands mainly sell predosed delta-9 edibles, and you might not need a prescription. However, it is always advisable to start small and then increase your intake as you go.

Q7. Who can order/buy or use delta-9?
Only adults of 21 years and older can order or buy and use delta-9 products. Hence, delta-9 brands only sell to adults of this age or older. They even make sure you clarify this before purchase.

Conclusion: Are These Delta 8 THC Products Worth Buying?

No matter the kind of delta-9 products you want to buy, the best delta-9 brands to buy from are on this list. After deciding what to buy, consider the brand you wish to purchase from. These brands have high-quality hemp products at affordable prices, superb customer service, and incredible discounts and deals.

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Furthermore, as long as you are of age to indulge in the wonders of delta-9, you can make an order. Just hop on their websites, choose a product, place your order, and get it shipped to your location.

The news and editorial staff of the Bay Area News Group had no role in this post’s preparation.

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Who has the strongest Delta 9 gummies? ›

These are:
  • Exhale Wellness - Overall Best Delta-9 Gummies On The Market, Editor's Pick.
  • BudPop - Most Potent & Strongest THC gummies.
  • Delta Extrax - Affordable & Delicious Premium THC Products.
  • Mr. Hemp Flower - Top-Rated Brand For Tasty Delta-9 Gummies.
4 days ago

What is the most potent Delta product? ›

Final Thoughts. If you're looking for the strongest delta-8 THC vape cartridge, Binoid is leading the class with the highest grade of a 99% delta-8 THC oil vape.

Is delta-9 or Delta 10 stronger? ›

Delta-9 is the strongest; Delta-8 is weaker than Delta-9; Delta-10 is weaker than Delta-8. While they have a similar chemical formula, they each have a slightly different structural makeup, causing them to produce slightly different effects on the body.

How many milligrams of Delta 9 will get you high? ›

Most products will offer somewhere around 5 to 10mg of THC per gummy. Therefore, you will likely only need to consume one gummy or even half a gummy to feel the effects. For reference, 10mg of delta 9 THC is usually a good dose for anyone looking to experience the euphoric effects.

What is stronger than delta9? ›

1. THCP (Strongest Natural Cannabinoid) THCP is at the top of the spectrum of cannabinoid potency by a long shot. Early research suggests it's up to 33 times more potent than delta 9 THC, but after testing it ourselves, we'd place it somewhere in the 10X range.

What happens if you take too many Delta 9 gummies? ›

There is some evidence, however, that overdosing on cannabis edibles may cause seizures in children. That's all the more reason to keep your cannabis products locked up and avoid purchasing cannabis products that look like candy in the first place.

Which is stronger delta 8 or Delta 9? ›

Delta 9 is significantly more potent than Delta 8. Some experts believe it to be about twice as powerful overall. Side effects are more severe with Delta 9, including paranoid delusions, mental cloudiness, motor impairment, and anxiety.

How long does it take for Delta 9 gummies to kick in? ›

Delta 9 THC Gummies: Why They Can Take So Long Before You Can Feel Their Effects. Here is where you're wondering how long it can take to feel a delta 9 gummy's effects. Well, Delta 9 gummies can take between roughly 1-3 hours to kick in. This is due to how gummies, like other edibles, are ingested.

Is HHC stronger than delta 8? ›

HHC is less potent and does not have the same psychoactive effects as delta 8. However, it can still produce mild euphoria and relaxation. Delta 8 is more potent and can cause paranoia and anxiety in high doses.

Is delta 8 or Delta 10 stronger? ›

Delta 8 THC has been found to be more potent than Delta 10 THC because of the cannabinoid ratios. The potency of Delta 8 THC is based on the CBN content, which is another cannabinoid that provides psychoactive effects. Delta 8 THC lasts longer than most other cannabinoids due to the CBN content.

Is delta 8 weaker than Delta 9? ›

Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol is more potent than delta-8 and accounts for most of the THC that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant, which makes it easy to extract, explaining why it's more commonly smoked. Delta-8-THC, however, is about half as potent.

What is stronger delta 9 or Delta 11? ›

One study found 11-hydroxy-THC to be up to three times as potent as delta 9 THC, but these results have neither been corroborated nor discounted with further research. As a result, some researchers have tentatively concluded that administering this partially metabolized form of THC may be a more effective approach.

What is a delta 9 high like? ›

Delta 9 THC is the cannabinoid that most marijuana users are looking for when they want to get a euphoric high and is what most people refer to when they say "THC." Delta 9 binds with CB-1 receptors in the brain and can produce strong psychoactive effects like elation, relaxation, talkativeness, and laughter.

How does delta10 feel? ›

Delta-10 THC reportedly produces an uplifting and relaxing effect free from intense euphoria and paranoia that other THC compounds can have. It's milder and may be more beneficial for mitigating stress, lifting low moods, and boosting energy than its delta-8 THC counterpart.

Does delta 9 show up in urine test? ›

Immunoassay Testing

Urine testing: Delta 9 THC is typically detectable in urine for about three to 30 days after use. Saliva testing: Delta 9 can be found in saliva up to 72 hours after use, depending on what test is used. Blood testing: Delta 9 THC is usually detectable in blood for around 36 hours after use.

Is 50 mg of delta 9 a lot? ›

High Dose. A high dose is from 25 to 50 milligrams of Delta-9 THC. This dose is for seasoned edible eaters and is perfect for people who know what to expect. At this point, you'll definitely feel heavy effects of euphoria, couch-lock and will definitely be stoned.

Does Delta 9 Gummies show up on a drug test? ›

Will Delta 9 Make Me Fail a Drug Test? Yes, even if you consume legal Delta 9 Gummies, you may fail a drug test. If you only took Delta 9 once, it will likely be cleared from your urine in four days or less. If you have taken it habitually, it can take a month or more to clear your system for a drug test.

Which cannabinoid is the strongest? ›

THC-P is the new and strongest cannabinoid to date(derived from Hemp just like Delta 8), which carries psychoactive effects and euphoric feelings associated with the typical properties associated with cannabis use.

What is the strongest synthetic cannabinoid? ›

These include aminoalkylindoles, such as naphthoylindoles (e.g. JWH-018), phenylacetylindoles (e.g. JWH-250), and benzoylindoles (e.g. AM-2233) [2]. JWH-018, arguably the most widely known synthetic cannabinoid, belongs to the group of aminoalkylindoles and is considered to be three times as potent as THC.

Can delta 9 cause heart problems? ›

They found that delta-9-THC caused oxidative stress and inflammation, both of which cause harm to the cardiovascular system. In mice models, they also discovered that delta-9-THC caused vascular dysfunction. Their research indicates that delta-9-THC could damage the cardiovascular system.

Does taking a shower take away your high? ›

As for the effects of showering on your high, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that it makes a difference.

How often can you take delta 9? ›

You could use a Full Spectrum CBD+THC product with Delta 9 in it. This would be taken twice daily, the same amount each time, on a regular basis. Many people opt for this method and then use more Delta 9 in specialty products when they want more supportive calm.

Is CBD or Delta 9 better? ›

Because Delta 9 is more potent than some other versions (like Delta 8), some manufacturers see the benefit of using this in their formulations since the legal THC levels in CBD products must be so low to meet federal guidelines.

Which is better for sleep Delta 8 or Delta 9? ›

Some studies have found that while THC in general may have short-term sleep benefits, chronic use could worsen your sleep quality. As for Delta-8, the silver lining lies in its possessing less of the psychotropic effects of Delta-9 THC while offering some of the latter's most desirable effects.

How long will Delta 8 stay in your system for a drug test? ›

While delta-8 THC's effects last up to five hours in your body, the metabolites can stay in your system for up to 90 days. Luckily, the most common tests can detect metabolites for only a few days. However, if you are a chronic user, the test can yield positive even after 30 days.

How long do you feel the effects of delta 9 gummies? ›

This causes the delta 9 THC to be absorbed in the body quicker. The effects can be felt as quickly as 15 to 30 minutes with gummies or candies that partially dissolve in the mouth. The effects of our Live Resin Gummies can be felt as soon as 20 minutes and will last between three to five hours for most users.

Is THCO stronger than Delta 9? ›

This is because of the chemical makeup of THC-O. It's just easier for the body to use THC-O than it is for the body to use delta-9 or delta-8 THC. This means THC-O has a stronger effect than other forms of THC. It's considered to be roughly 3 times as strong as delta-9 THC.

Should I get delta 8 or HHC? ›

For a more potent high, HHC will do better than delta 8. For a more clear-headed high with relaxing effects, go for delta 8. Overall, consider the legality of each product and always check for third-party tests that show purity and potency.

Is THCO better than delta 8? ›

Both have similar properties such as being antiemetic and having the ability to stimulate appetite. However, Delta 8 is more potent than THCO. The main difference between the two is that THCO is derived from cannabis while Delta 8 is synthetically produced in a lab. THCO is also less potent than Delta 8.

What is the best Delta strain? ›

The most popular delta-8 flower for sale on the company's website include:
  • Alien OG Kush – A balanced hybrid with a sweet and sour citrus flavor. ...
  • Illuminati Kush – A relaxing indica strain with a sweet and earthy flavor. ...
  • Sour Space Candy – An energizing sativa hemp plant strain with a sweet and sour citrus flavor.

Can you fail a drug test for delta 10? ›

Just like delta-8, delta-10 is broken down by the same metabolites that will break down THC. These metabolites are exactly what the drug test is looking for, causing a failure and possible loss of employment opportunity.

Does Delta 8 show up on drug tests? ›

Therefore, participants using delta-8 will likely screen positive for cannabinoids—either from the delta-8 metabolites themselves or from other cannabinoids that are present in the product being used.

Can I buy delta-9 online? ›

shop online

At Delta 9 we take pride in providing you with a growing selection of the highest quality cannabis products available at any LA cannabis shop. Choose from premium California flower, vape, edible, concentrate, tinctures and more on our online menu featuring hundreds of premium cannabis products.

Is delta-9 an Indica or Sativa? ›

Delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC come from the cannabis sativa plant, which naturally produces more than 100 cannabinoids, or active constituents.

Is there a Delta 12? ›

Delta 12s Description

The Delta 12s offers outstanding versatility for medium to smaller framed paddlers craving a lightweight and stable kayak that makes no compromises. The finely tuned hull of the 12s provides speedy and responsive handling far beyond what its small stature would suggest.

What is stronger Delta 11 or delta 8? ›

Delta eleven is processed similarly to its cannabis counterpart 11-hydroxy-THC except it is hemp derived. Based on current reports Delta eleven should have very similar if not higher psychoactive properties than traditional Delta 9 and Delta 8 THC as well as a higher potency ranging from 1.5 to 7x stronger.

What is live resin? ›

Basically, live resin is a cannabis concentrate extracted from freshly harvested marijuana plant material that's been flash-frozen (or fresh frozen) at sublevel temperatures, blasted with solvents like butane, propane, or butane hash oil (BHO), and pressed.

Does Delta 9 make you hallucinate? ›

On the psychic area Delta(9)-THC may induce unpleasant reactions such as disconnected thoughts, panic reactions, disturbing changes in perception, delusions and hallucinatory experiences.

Is Delta 9 strong? ›

Delta 9 is considerably more potent than Delta 8. Some believe it to be about twice as strong overall. Side effects are also more considerable with Delta 9. These can include paranoid delusions, mental fog, impaired motor skills, and increased feelings of anxiety.

How strong is HHC? ›

HHC is roughly 70-80% the strength of THC, meaning it's more potent than the other hemp derived cannabinoids Delta-8 and Delta-10. Moderate doses of HHC induce a euphoric psychoactive effect similar to THC but is often reported to having more relaxing and sedative qualities in comparison to Delta-8.

How many mg of Delta 10 should I take? ›

D10 THC: Dosage. The standard dosage for delta 8 THC and delta 10 THC is the same: between 25 and 50 mg. Some users may feel the desired effects with just 10 mg, while others might need over 50 mg. The dose ultimately depends on your experience and tolerance and what effects you're wanting.

How long does Delta 10 stay in your urine? ›

Delta 10 THC typically remains in your system roughly 2-24 days, with taking into account the many factors that can influence how much Delta 10 has accumulated in the body, such as frequency of usage, metabolism and when it was last taken.

What are the strongest legal gummies? ›

1. Everest's Delta 8 THC Gummies. Not only are Everest's Delta 8 THC Gummies super potent and legitimately delicious, the hemp they use is sustainably sourced, organically grown, and made right here in the USA. At 20 mg per serving, these are the strongest gummies on the list.

How long do the effects of delta 9 gummies last? ›

Another way to put it would be “How long do Delta 9 effects last.” The effects of Delta 9 edibles usually last for about three to five hours, but this varies from person to person. Taking a larger serving size, weight, metabolism and other factors can affect how long Delta 9 THC lasts.

Do delta 9 Gummies give you energy? ›

Delta 9 gummies are a great way to get a boost of energy without adding any extra calories. They are made up of high-quality ingredients that are rich in vitamins and minerals. They also contain small amounts of caffeine, which is a natural energy booster.

Are Delta 9 gummies legit? ›

As per the 2018 Farm Bill, these gummies are entirely legal. They are made from industrial hemp made in the hemp and cbd industries, which is grown to contain minimal hemp derived THC . They contain 0.3% delta-9 THC or less by dry weight. You do not need a prescription or medical card to purchase them.

What are the best delta-9 edibles? ›

Review of Our 5 Best Delta-9 THC Gummies
  1. Joy Organics: Editor's Choice – Best Delta-9 Gummies. Pros: Vegan and gluten-free. ...
  2. iDELTA8: Runner Up – High Potency. Pros: ...
  3. Koi CBD: Consumer Favorite – Great Variety. Pros: ...
  4. TREHouse: Staff Pick – Energetic. Pros: ...
  5. CBDfx: Honorable Mention – Detailed Reports. Pros:

What edibles make you laugh? ›

Wonder Laugh Gummies
  • Laughing Buddha – The Famously Funny Strain.
  • Blue Diesel – The Blueberry Belly-Buster.
  • Sweet Diesel – The Focused Giggles Strain.
  • Church OG – The Silly Strain.
  • Liberty Haze – The Giggly Creative Strain.
4 May 2022

Is delta-8 weaker than delta-9? ›

Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol is more potent than delta-8 and accounts for most of the THC that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant, which makes it easy to extract, explaining why it's more commonly smoked. Delta-8-THC, however, is about half as potent.

How long does delta 9 stay in your pee? ›

Studies involving humans indicate that 80%-90% of the total dose of delta-9-THC is excreted within 5 days--approximately 20% in urine and 65% in feces (1). Plasma concentrations of delta-9-THC peak by the time a smoked dose is completed and usually fall to approximately 2 ng/ml within 4-6 hours.

How long will delta 9 show up on a drug test? ›

Using delta-9 multiple times daily could cause it to persist for over 30 days after you've stopped using the product. This same study showed that blood tests allow it to be detectable for one or two days, but with heavier or chronic use it can be detected for up to 25 days.

What does a delta 9 high feel like? ›

Delta 9 THC has a biphasic nature. In low and moderate doses, it can promote relaxation, euphoria, giggly mood, and relief from tension. However, higher doses — especially in reactive individuals — can cause it to backfire, triggering anxiety and paranoia.

Can I purchase Delta 9 online? ›

You can most likely find Delta 9 products at your local cannabis dispensary or, better yet, online at Exhale Wellness! It might be a little trickier if you don't live in areas where cannabis products are legal. Thankfully, we live in the 21st century, so that you can buy anything online!

Can you take Delta 9 Gummies every day? ›

If you are looking for a supplement that could potentially reduce your stress levels, help you get to sleep at night, and give you more energy during the day, then you might want to consider taking Delta 9 Gummies every day.

Is Delta 8 or Delta 10 stronger? ›

Delta 8 THC has been found to be more potent than Delta 10 THC because of the cannabinoid ratios. The potency of Delta 8 THC is based on the CBN content, which is another cannabinoid that provides psychoactive effects. Delta 8 THC lasts longer than most other cannabinoids due to the CBN content.

Can you fly with delta 9 gummies? ›

In most cases, you can pack your gummies and other edibles in your carry-on or your checked luggage. But ensure that you have them in their original packaging in case airport control asks to see some proof that you're not smuggling them. Finally, always remember to check the level of THC in your delta 9 gummies.

What states allow delta9? ›

These states include Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado. Guam, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Washington, DC.


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